Chinese Police Department Disguises ML350 As A Honda

Emmanuel P July 11, 2011

We can only scratch our heads in wonder at the idiotic attempt of this police department in China to fools its own constituency. Recently, reports surfaced that police officials in Fangchenggang, Guangxi, in China, rebadged their expensive ML350 patrol vehicle to disguise that fact that it cost almost $140,000 to purchase. By installing Honda CR-V badges on the grill and tailgate of the Mercedes SUV, said officials hoped citizens of the town would think they spent only $30,000, which is what a Honda CR-V costs in China.

But this stupidity backfired on the local police because anyone following automotive trends in China can see that that country is undergoing a revolution in terms of car and brand consciousness, as exemplified by the fact that Mercedes-Benz and its rivals have been reporting increasing sales year-on-year. So, it took only one local to point out that the Honda-badged patrol car was in fact a luxury ML350. This crass attempt has only served to incense the local citizens and that police department is in hotter water than it expected.

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