Volex Style’s 2011 LEC Electric Car Concept

Kharl Prado May 10, 2011

A fellow Insider was generous enough to share his company’s ideas with us here at BenzInsider. The study, called the Mercedes-Benz LEC Electric Car Concept, is under the ownership of design company Volex Style in New Zealand. Paul Wilding of VS explains that “Mercedes have always shown the way forward in new ways of thinking and technologies, – it’s more important now than ever that they show the way boldly, so that people understand and accept the new order.”

The design leans towards a luxury electric vehicle model with its body and wheels stylized to give it a unique, bold appearance. Lightweight aluminum is used in constructing the chassis and body work while batteries are incorporated into the structure of the body in order to heighten torsional rigidity of the vehicle.

The electric motor design consists of twin 3-phase alternating current induction motors that are to be mounted right above the rear wheels. They’re coupled to a single speed gearbox for maximum power transmission and controlled via a driver inverter and specialized control software. Power will be derived from a liquid-cooled 400v Lithium-Ion  battery pack located along the spine of the chassis in line with the rear compartment. The battery pack contains 4,3000 Lithium-Ion cells that store as much as 67kWh of power. Charging them from zero to full takes only 2 hours when plugged into either 110v or 220v power outlet.

The electric motor should give the LEC around 145mph of top speed and a zero to 60 run at around 5.5 seconds. Power rating is estimated to be around the 450hp range with the motor revving up to 14,000rpm. Of course, as with any electric car, the curb weight is predicted to be heavier than standard petroleum cars by as much as 400lbs.

Source: Paul Wilding, Volex Style

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