The Mercedes-Benz Aria

Kharl Prado May 18, 2011

Some people just can’t get enough of concept car designs. Well, here’s one that may just strike the fancy of even those who aren’t all that interested. The Mercedes-Benz Aria was envisioned for the year 2030. Its designer says that despite the concept being powered by electricity, it retains much of the styling cues that people have grown to love from petrol-driven vehicles – it is sleek, dynamic and sexy.

The Aria’s designer wanted a theme that struck no bounds. Simply put, the design had to be timeless – just like musical instruments. Try to visualize a piano when it is closed – it is elegant and extremely classy. A piano’s key, albeit basic, give the instrument a distinct appeal. That’s what the designer wanted for the Aria. Its sleek body is full of characteristics similar to that of musical instruments.

Looking at the Aria, it seems to have been sculpted after a woman’s body. And yet, upon close scrutiny, you’ll find a great level of detail that the artist put into each and every component. It seems like a big strand of beautiful hair that is free flowing and eternally attractive. The designer admits that the Aria is based largely on a mix of fashion and architecture rolled into one.

Check out the video clip here guys. It’s an other-worldly experience.

Source: Slavche Tanevski via World Car Fans

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