New S-Class models provide a real taste of sci-fi tech

Kharl Prado May 15, 2011

The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class is arriving soon – 2012 to be specific. According to reports, the new model will come in four different versions, all falling under the codename “W222”. It’s an attempt by the German car manufacturing giant to fill in a much bigger area of the premium vehicle segment with four bodystyle options, namely the standard wheelbase salon, an extended wheelbase salon, a coupe to replace the current CL model, and a four-seat top down.

Now, you might ask if “Isn’t that a little too many S-Class models?” We might agree with you on that but the thing is, you can’t stop a good thing from happening. Mercedes-Benz is simply playing around with their brand new set of MRA parts. MRA, short for Mercedes Rear-wheel drive Architecture, can be divided into 93 unique modules. That’s how flexible the company’s design matrix is. And so, you can expect a lot more rear-drive models coming out in the near future.

The main highlight of the next batch of S-Class models is the front suspension design. It’ll be featuring Mercedes-Benz’s all-new four-link system that’ll make steering, braking and damping forces fully independent of one another, while the rear will be featuring an improved version of the old, tried-and-proven multilink arrangement. Yes, air springs will be standard, albeit the ABC anti-roll function will fetch an extra few dollars.

Also look out for Mercedes-Benz’s MBC, or Magic Body Control system.  It uses a pair of cameras to monitor the road and instructs the vehicle to compensate the control systems for surface irregularities. Kind of like KITT from Knight Rider. And don’t forget the MLC, or Magic Light Control system, which dynamically controls the full LED headlamps based on the vehicle’s speed, steering angle and weather conditions.

Sounds too good to come true? You better believe it.

Source: Car Magazine

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