RENNtech CL65 Lays Claim To Fastest Mercedes Quarter-Miler

Emmanuel P April 13, 2011

Publicizing performance numbers of your modified cars is part of the tuning game, as it entices would-be customers towards particular products or vehicles that capture the public’s attention. True to form, RENNtech has trumpeted its quarter-mile time of 10.27 seconds as an achievement to which it is claiming the title of being the world’s fastest Mercedes.

This quarter-mile time, together with a trap speed of 137.46 mph was hit on April 1 of this year at the Palm Beach International Raceway. The CL65’s previous time of 10.51 seconds had been bested by a nitrous-powered C63 and so RENNtech set about to rectify this situation by having its engineers find the extra power necessary to shave more time off the CL65’s already fast 10.5. Mods include a race only tune, upgraded transmission internals and a prototype torque converter. The previous modifications like upgraded ECU/TCU, carbon airbox, limited slip differential, high flow exhaust, drag radials, modified heat exchanger and intercooler pump were retained. Additional lightweight components were used to make the power-to-weight ratio more favorable. According to the tuner, “RENNtech looks to continue shattering its own records and will be further modifying the CL in search even more performance in pursuit of the first 9 second Mercedes Benz.”

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