Fab Design SLS AMG Disappoints

Emmanuel P March 3, 2011

With the Geneva Auto Show in full swing, the public has been treated to fantastic and fabulous designs from manufacturers and tuners all over the world. As is typical of auto shows everywhere, the designs that bloom from fertile minds range from the fantastic to the forgettable.

One of the unforgettable stands in the 2011 Geneva show is Fab Design’s. Showcasing a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG no less, this aftermarket house has succeeded in turning the awesome SLS AMG into a cartoony rendition of this unique car. It’s true that in car shows, eye-catching color schemes are almost necessary to capture the attention of thousands of visitors. Somehow though, Fab Design’s showcase hasn’t quite come across as what the design house may have intended. Granted, the SLS AMG is already a very glamorous and beautiful car when it leaves the factory. So, any attempts to beautify it further should be an exercise in restraint because any attempts can easily wreck the elegance the SLS exudes. The exterior treatment may escape the disgust of purists but get to the interior and you see something that would be more fitting in a Japanese tuner car. It is, to put it bluntly, tacky, and if Fab Design was hoping for accolades with this presentation, it will probably be non-existent.

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