Mercedes Shooting Brake Concept Shows Retro Styling Direction

Emmanuel P February 1, 2011

A previous post showed a spy shot of a styling buck for the upcoming Mercedes-Benz A-Class which shows more aggressive styling. This may be a signal that Mercedes is serious in making the A-Class as successful as its older siblings. Now, a styling concept shows a shooting brake that Mercedes says will be produced in the near future.

The Brake moniker was the name carriages were given that were used to “break” in wild horses and also to hamper or “brake” their propensity to move so that they could be used as work horses. Brakes were often used to carry along anything that may have been necessary for it use, such as a hunt. Brakes used to go shooting were called a Shooting Brake. Motorized Shooting Brakes were popular as cross-over vehicles, which gave a coupé’s luxury with an estate’s luggage room. This retro body style is making a comeback, as witnessed by the new Ferrari Four and Mercedes’ concept. Mercedes-Benz is also reportedly in talks with Renault-Nissan to use the Mercedes Front-wheel-drive Architecture.

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