C-Class Diesel Set To Join Other Siblings in US

Emmanuel P January 26, 2011

A major car magazine has reported that it is Mercedes-Benz’s intention to sell a C-Class diesel in the next three years. By that 2014 date, around 8 model variants will be available with these fuel-efficient and torquey powerplants. To date, Mercedes-Benz offers the diesel engine alternative in its M, GL, R and E-Class models, with the S-Class getting its own diesel engine option late this year. Despite its formerly well-deserved rap as foul-smelling and smoky contraptions, diesels have come of age and Mercedes’ decision to increase its diesel lineup is a reflection of the acceptance that the new-generation engines have achieved.

It is likely that the C-Class diesel, when it appears, will have Mercedes’ 2.1 liter turbodiesel as its motive unit. This engine will give the C-Class 204 horsepower and 369 pounds-feet of torque. Typical of diesels, the probable mileage for this variant would be more than 30 miles per gallon. This engine is also expected to power the upcoming GLK, expected towards the last few months of this year. This would be a good engine to have for the small crossover since it will be fuel efficient and yet exude a ruggedness and practicality that most cars lack. Diesel technology has vastly improved in the last decade and they can be as quiet and powerful as gasoline units while giving significantly higher fuel economy.

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  2. The C Class Diesel has never been sold in Canada In fact I do not think the C class Diesel has ever been sold in the Western Hemisphere

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