BRABUS Releases New Smooth-Ride Suspension for G-Class Models

Kharl Prado January 21, 2011

There never seems to be a dull moment as long as BRABUS is around. The long-standing Mercedes-Benz tuner has just released its new smooth-ride suspension with dynamic control, available across the Mercedes-Benz G-Class range.

This new suspension system, which was developed with German shock absorber manufacturer BILSTEIN, sports two-way adjustable shock absorbers at the front and the back of the car. Users will be able to experience firmer or softer damping rates thanks to the BRABUS Ride Control suspension’s control unit, which can be automatically or manually made to switch each shock absorber’s electronically-triggered valves between sport and comfort modes. The best thing about the system is that switching between modes takes but mere milliseconds.

Comfort mode is intended for normal driving, where owners can have smoother ride quality compared to the standard configuration of production cars, even when you go over tough terrain and rough roads. Meanwhile, the sport mode is recommended for driving at higher speeds, since it offers a more dynamic handling plus a higher level of safety reserves.

Damper rates can also be automatically adjusted through the BRABUS Ride Control suspension. When in comfort mode, sensors can detect various driving parameters—speed, steering angle, and lateral acceleration, for example—that can lead to critical situations. The CAN control unit then kicks in to automatically switch the suspension to sport mode within a mere 5 milliseconds. Driving stability is increased under the firmer damper rates of sport mode. The control unit can also revert from sport mode to comfort mode automatically.

Sport mode can be selected by the driver automatically even in the midst of a drive. All one has to do is press an aluminum button found on the center console, emblazoned with the BRABUS logo.

The BRABUS Ride Control smooth-ride suspension will fetch for 5,950 euro (over $8,000), and can be fitted into all G-Class models regardless of the body style.

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  2. I have it (pre installed on a G55 I bought). Fantastic. Still to experience the automatic function though!

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