Blackbird Design Study Borrows From SR-71 But Evokes Tron

Emmanuel P January 24, 2011

From the mind of Hungarian designer Peter Vardai comes this Mercedes design study named the Blackbird. Vardai’s inspiration for the concept was the SR-71 Blackbird spy plane, a machine that evokes images of purpose and speed. Looking at the shots of the design study, these are the same impressions that one gets. An image of a vehicle with purpose, and, to some, it may appear to be a bit menacing. That the design study’s color and lighting effects reminds us of the recent Tron movie was probably done on purpose. The message that the design study seems to impart is that Mercedes is a company that embraces the future and its upcoming technologies. That whatever challenges present themselves will be met head-on.
Although some may say that it looks more like a design that would come from competing automobile manufacturers, the Blackbird manages to evoke the Mercedes image by its profile that is reminiscent of a Mercedes coupe. And with the different powertrains that are being produced by Mercedes-Benz nowadays, it would not be hard to imagine this supercar of the future being powered by an AMG electric hybrid motor or a hydrogen-powered turbine.

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