2012 SLK Comes with Auto-Tinting Roof Option [Video+More Pictures]

Kharl Prado January 13, 2011

With the third generation of the SLK on its way, Mercedes-Benz reveals that the compact roadster line will continue the tradition of innovation. One good example is a feature called Magic Sky Control—that’s what Mercedes-Benz is calling the new auto-tinting glass panels on the roof of the 2012 SLK. The roof automatically adjusts the tinting of the panels.

This variable-tint glass panel, located at the center of the foldable hardtop, features embedded light-blocking crystals that allow for the tinting control. It allows owners to look up at the sky without having to roll down the roof, kind of like a pseudo-convertible experience on, err, a convertible. Users will also have the power to control the tinting at will, so the glass panel will be dark if you want it to and it’ll be transparent if you want to see the skies above. Additionally, the glass panel itself is designed to provide better shielding from the sun’s rays. In itself, it is more effective compared to standard sunblinds or thermal insulation.

The auto-tinting glass panels are optional, of course. Those who don’t want to shell out extra for this electronic marvel can still opt for a standard folding roof made of metal or one with a glass panel that has fixed tinting.

Getting Magic Sky Control will add 2000 euro or around $2,800 to an SLK’s final price tag.

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