Indian City Places Bulk Order for 150 Mercedes-Benz Luxury Cars

Kharl Prado December 24, 2010

Here’s a news clip that might just inspire you to get a Mercedes this holiday season. After all, if a group of guys can work together to purchase 150 Mercedes-Benz luxury vehicles, then why can’t we all? Of course, it’s going to take a lot of friends to be able to pull off what some people in the small Indian b-town of Aurangabad just did.

The town, which is currently thriving as a manufacturing center for many industries such as electronics, cars and pharmaceuticals, is the source of a bulk order for no less than 150 Mercedes-Benz luxury vehicles—a stunt that some of the townspeople said would put their city on the map. Considering it is already considered one of the fastest-growing cities in the world, this bulk order will only help accelerate the process.

“We are a close knit group of friends, like-minded friends from similar age in Aurangabad. We always thought of doing something big-banging to put Aurangabad on the global map,” said Rahul Mishrikotkar, a director for one of the companies there. “We thought we should buy luxury cars in one go to conceptualize this idea. Then everyone got added to it.”

It is a move that Raghavendra Joshi, the chairman of a 700-person strong company in the city, says reflects the changing mentality of the new generation of the city’s inhabitants. They don’t just want to save their money, they also want to enjoy the fruits of their labor by spending it.

This effort has also caught the attention of Mercedes-Benz India, which sees a ripple effect that will results from the bulk order. “This has had a positive impact not only creating aspirations in other tier 2 and 3 cities around the country, but it’s made a difference to Aurangabad,” said Wilfried Aulbur, Mercedes-Benz India CEO. “Already new industries are coming in and starting to take the place more seriously.”

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