[Video] Mercedes-Benz Knows Where You Look

Kharl Prado November 21, 2010

It’s no secret that people, especially the male population, are drawn to curves, wherever they may be in this beautiful world. Of course, that is not limited to the human form or natural landscapes; it also applies to cars. Using eye-tracking technology, researchers at Mercedes-Benz, via, have discovered the primary areas on a vehicle that onlookers are particularly and commonly drawn to. The focus of the test? It’s the 2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS executive sedan.

Volunteers were made to walk around the automotive design icon, and researchers tracked where they looked at the CLS for the longest period of time—the “Eye Catchers” on the vehicle’s design. Do take a look at the video after the jump to see a pretty woman, an equally pretty car and which parts of both topped the list of what onlookers focus on the most.

If you don’t want to watch the entire 4-plus-minute video, here are the design features that most caught the attention of the sample population: at opposite ends we get the headlights and tail lights, then you have the hood, the roof line, the contoured dropping lines on the sides of the car, and then up front we get the grille, and of course, the Mercedes-Benz star emblem.

The research team took these results to the design team responsible for the 2012 CLS, and they said the results affirm the success of their design. That’s because the CLS is simply “pure emotion,” according to Klaus Frenzel, exterior design manager. Well, we won’t argue with that; the CLS in itself is an incredible Eye Catcher.

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