SL65 AMG in full matte black glory at SEMA

Kharl Prado November 4, 2010

You’ve all heard about the SL65 AMG Black Series. It’s no mere pretty object sitting on the street waiting for its matte black to be oogled upon by stares and wide open jaws. It’s got a lot of power resting under its hood, waiting to be unleashed by a fearless right foot. Take that entire package, slap on some ExtremeContact DW and Extreme Contact DWS tires, and you’ve got one hell of an exhibition car.

Such is the sight that unraveled at the SEMA booth of Continental tires. This particular car had mean skirts and splitters to boot, and not to mention a good helping of carbon fiber trimmings all over. You won’t find a single spot of clear window on this car as each and every square inch of glass has been tinted. Not that that’s a bad thing. The sheer aggressive stance this car has is enough to tick of highway patrol officers eating their staple share of donuts.

Of course, we won’t be revealing too much of this car, especially since it’s up on display at SEMA. You’ll just have to pull together your resources to catch it, assuming it hasn’t been pulled out of the show floor.

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