2011 diesel models recalled for potential fuel leak

Kharl Prado November 10, 2010

Goodness, gracious. Don’t say we didn’t tell you earlier. As of right now, 2,297 Mercedes-Benz diesel models have been recalled because of a potential fuel leak problem. These specific models are the 2011 E-Class, GL-Class, R-Class and M-Class rangers. Apparently, there’s an o-ring somewhere in the fuel system that wasn’t installed correctly during production.

Mercedes-Benz did the right thing by informing the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (a.k.a. NHTSA) that they failed to lubricate the said o-ring before installing it into the fuel system of these models. This brings about high risk of fuel leaking from the system, specifically the fuel filter.

NHTSA officials are actually more worried about diesel leaking out and spilling onto roads, making them slippery. If you’ve had your fair share of tinkering around in the garage, you’ll know that diesel is like soap when touched. It doesn’t take much diesel to make any surface as slippery as a bathtub full of bubbles.

Well, the bright side is Mercedes-Benz dealers will replace the o-ring at no cost whatsoever. Expect the recall to start before November ends. Meanwhile, the bigger question is what about the petrol variants? Well, there’s only one way to find out is there? No, you’re not going to fiddle with your engine. Just keep checking back with us and we’ll fill you in, recall or no recall.

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