Witnessing the unveiling of another icon

Kharl Prado October 8, 2010

The Paris Motor Show is undeniably one of the most important auto show events in the world, as it continually provides the perfect venue for auto makers around the world to debut their latest creations. One such over-achiever is the 2004 CLS. Back then, this car surprised millions by its graceful lines and powerful aura. Since then, it has become an icon of premium car design, as well as a favorite amongst each and every fan of the three-pointed star brand.

It’s only proper for an icon such as the CLS to be introduced to the world right in very capital of romantic getaways, Paris, France. It was, and still is, the most ideal locations for such monumental events not just for auto makers, but for anyone who strives for greater success in industries such as fashion and lifestyle. And so a certain Mercedes-Benz fan who goes by the name of The SLS AMG Reporter braved the French tour to witness yet another unveiling of an icon.

If you’re aware, the original CLS was actually classified as a four-door coupe. It combines elegance and sportiness, the mark of a truly lovable and unforgettable premium vehicle. The Reporter is fortunate enough to have driven the CLS dozens of times, and he’s still brazen with its character.

You just got to watch the video, folks. No one relays this story better than Matthew himself.

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