The Renntech C74 Performance Package unleashed

Kharl Prado October 21, 2010

Germany’s not the only country with its pool of talented Mercedes-Benz tuners. One of the best MB tuners in America, Renntech, now offers their latest take on the C63 AMG.

They call it the Renntech C74. The modification package includes upgrading the stock 6.2-liter V8 to churn out 605hp and 555lb-ft. This means the quarter mile run will take merely 11.4 seconds, while top speed is pegged at around 204mph. Lots of credits for the power improvement go out to Renntech’s carbon fiber airbox and high performance filter, a custom air inlet panel, 82mm throttle bodies, more aggressive camshafts, ported and polished cylinder heads, ECU with updated software, stainless steel headers,  performance exhaust system, a 100% locking limited slip differential, fully customizable sports suspension system, Renntech’s Stage 3 Performance Braking Kit, and carbon fiber stabilizer bars for both front and rear.

In case you’re scratching your temple on how Renntech came up with the 74 badging, let’s just say that it’s purely based on the width of the rear wheel track, which measures 74 inches. This allowed the rear drive axle to be able to accommodate up to 11-inches of rims and 315 mm tires.

Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without its host of carbon fiber exterior enhancements, not only to make it look meaner but to make it behave a lot better on the road. These consist of carbon fiber rear decklid spoiler, front splitter, rear diffuser with integrated exhaust tips, 3-piece forged aluminum wheels and Nitto INVO performance rubbers.

Price of the performance package? $11,900. Not bad eh?

Comments (2)

  1. Something’s not right there … the bodykit is maybe $11900? The wheels are shown online for $1950 (ea.), the ECU, airbox, and headers are online at $8290, and that still leaves the brakes, suspension, limited slip, etc., etc.

  2. It’s starting at $11,900, so am guessing that price doesn’t include some of those parts you mentioned 🙂

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