The new CLS one of the safest cars on the planet

Kharl Prado October 8, 2010

We are all still head over heels towards the new CLS. Despite having been released a few weeks ago, it never fails to touch on your inner guts—the look, feel and sheer flagship dominance which makes the CLS an all-time favorite. And with good reason—the new CLS has incredible credentials to boast, including a new host of safety features making the CLS one of, if not the most, safest car(s) around.

The number of safety features exceeds a dozen, and these include the Active Blind Spot Assist system and the Active Lane Keeping Assist system. Alright, in case you’re scratching your head on these terms, they’re basically new safety systems developed by Mercedes-Benz to make their vehicle’s command the safety arena. The Active Blind Spot Assist warns you in case there’s a possibility of colliding with another vehicle if either of you are about to shift lanes. Meanwhile, the Active Lane Keeping Assist automatically controls steering if you’re incidentally drifting into another lane without signalling.

This system taps on the ESP to gently apply the brakes on the opposite side, thus pulling your vehicle back towards the current lane. Yes folks, it’s sheer genius.

Now, just for trivia, did you know that there have been 170,000 motorists that have bought the CLS ever since its first generation was introduced back in 2004? There you go.

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  1. Well, almost all car companies are making a hybrid version of all their models and Mercedes don’t want to be left out. I also bet that many consumers are waiting or even making suggestions to the Mercedes company to provide them with hybrid version of their line-up of cars. This would definitely be a tough competition of hybrids and Mercedes won’t allow to be overcome by others.

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