The Maybach DRS

Kharl Prado October 25, 2010

Next up on our three-part Los Angeles Auto Show Design Challenge series is the Maybach DRS. If you’re wondering what DRS stands for, well then so did we. Apparently, it’s short for “Den-Riki-Sha”, which means electric powered rickshaw. If you’re new to that term, rickshaws are ancient forms of public transportation back in Japan in 1870 where instead of horses pulling carriages, a person ferries you around instead, supporting the rickshaw’s front frame on his shoulders.

Now, if you look at the gallery below, and assuming you’ve Googled ‘rickshaw’ for images, you’ll recognize a striking semblance. Well, maybe ‘some’ is a better word for it. Simply put, imagine a horse carriage having no horse. That’s how we see it.

So what’s special about this concept design? Well, it’s supposedly naturally conceived, not though mechanical means but through organic processes, or so it seems. A metamorphic development from a DNA-based cocoon that grows into a bio-mechanical being with exceptional engineering skills.

Power supposedly comes from a self-balancing electric drive motor that is controlled by an onboard computer system. Another novel idea in this concept is pedal-power functionality. Not in the realms of Fred Flintstone and his rockmobile, but more like Lance Armstrong kind of pedalling.

Be inspired.

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