State-of-the-art driving simulators up and working

Kharl Prado October 6, 2010

Ever been to Daimler’s Sindelfingen base. Well, you should, because that’s where the company’s latest technological breakthrough sits—brand new driving simulators. If you’re wondering who got first dibs on these babies, it’s none other than two of the company’s officials (who also happen to be working for the German government) Thomas Weber, a board member, and Peter Frankenberg, who is also Science Minister of the Baden-Wurttemberg state.

Yes, we know you could have had tons more fun than they had, but it doesn’t matter. Right now these driving simulators are the cream of the crop in the automotive industry. So you’re going to have to be a high level official to have access to them. Unless of course, you’re a test driver for the company. These simulators make use of a 360-degree screen, a fast electric power system and twelve meters of rail allowing the driver’s seat to move transversely in any direction.

According to Mercedes-Benz officials, the company spent around EUR160 million to have these babies up and working. So yes, they cost a heck of a lot and in exchange they’ll be blessing engineers with tons of useful data, without risking the neck of test drivers.

Don’t you sometimes wish you were working for Mercedes-Benz. We know we are. But for now, just enjoy the pictures, folks.

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