Media Interface Plus to integrate iPod and iPhone features

Kharl Prado October 19, 2010

Here’s something to look forward to from your new Mercedes-Benz—a brand new vehicle connectivity system that lets your play and control the Pandora radio app right from the comfort of your Smartphone. Dubbed the Media Interface Plus (IMP), it allows you to stream audio live from your mobile to the vehicle’s audio system.

The new app automatically integrates with the MB mbrace suit of services withour requiring any form of professional installation. All you have to do is login to MIP which is right under your glove compartment or center armrest.

This is the first time that a vehicle manufacturer has created a system that can be fully integrated with the iPod and launch Smartphone vehicle control apps using an iPhone or Blackberry. The final product is a flawless system of integration that produces top-notch audio quality, battery charging capabilities for both the iPod and iPhone, and remote functions using controls on the steering wheel or radio head. To spice things up, included is a special video cable which allows you to play videos from your iPod or iPhone right on the vehicle display monitor when parked.

The Media Interface Plus is now available from all Mercedes-Benz dealers starting at $298.

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