The Smart Fortwo CARTONDRUCK comes to life

Kharl Prado September 29, 2010

Want to make a lasting impression? Grab attention. Seriously. Even if it means investing in your ideas, no matter how outrageous they may seem, to keep your artistic energies flowing. That is exactly the case with famous designers, one of which is the renowned Sarah Illenberger. She has been in the business of creating visual ideas and concepts for big time editorial and advertising productions.

Her latest project, named the CARTONDRUCK, is a fancy Smart Fortwo that’s been dressed up to look like a car made out of recycled carton. That is exactly the kind of impression you’ll get at first glance since Illenberger used bits and thousands of cardboard boxes to come up with her masterpiece.

The CARTONDRUCK is wrapped in different-sized carton pieces glued together all over the exterior, arranged in what Illenberger calls the ECO-FLAGE, a sort of camouflage that mimics a bush foliage. The interior meanwhile features fittings that are actually made of cardboard, albeit still very much functional.

The overall design put together by Illenberger’s artistic imagery brings to life both the Smart Fortwo’s and the material’s sustainability.

So if you’re thinking of getting a Smart Fortwo, and are looking for that bit of extra inspiration, better have a look-see at the CARTONDRUCK.

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