MEC Design and their version of the C63 AMG

Kharl Prado September 8, 2010

It’s such a warm feeling when Mercedes-Benz tuners themselves send us a note telling us how hard they’ve been at work in their craft. It’s even better when together with their message comes details and photos. And so without further ado, here’s MEC’s version of the C63 AMG. The company’s press correspondent decided it was best to use bullet points to better highlight the special components, but we won’t be that sketchy.

First off, MEC threw in a set of their Mecxtremell one-piece alloys. In case you’re wondering what one-piece means, it just tells you how many alloy blocks were used in constructing it. So one-piece means the entire wheel was carved to form, and wasn’t joined together using several parts. As far as strength and lightness goes, you won’t have anything to complain about with one-piece alloys.

Next up are several performance parts such as their patented stainless steel exhaust, complete from headers, cats and muffler, plus a sports air filter and a V-MAX unit.

What is a V-MAX unit? Well, it’s a little gadget that limits your top speed—electronically. MEC figured that without such a device, you’ll likely ruin their masterpiece with enough stretch of highway.

Then there’s the host of carbon fiber equipment to make your ordinary C63 AMG stand out. Power rating? 600PS and 700Nm. No wonder they call it the Steam Hammer.

Kudos, MEC!

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  1. That Mercedes is looking hot and elegant on the black color with a nice design on the chrome rims. I really like that setup. It would definitely look more cooler with some designs or stripes on the body.

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