Clip: A bunch of kids and the new CLS

Kharl Prado September 16, 2010

Are you fond of kids? Well, as this new clip on YouTube suggests, kids are definitely fond of the new CLS.

Sensuality and sense. Those two words reverberate in the video despite its lack of a definite dialogue. All you get are a few words from the kids, words like “now”, “wow”, and “awesome”. Surely, the beauty of the new CLS can be expressed through more than just these three emotion-packed words. But for kids—yeah, well you know how kids are. They’ll never lie about something they like. Although it is kinda’ weird that they’re into cars at their age. Looks like Mercedes-Benz is doing a good job, or at least that’s what the new CLS video is trying to say.

So let’s see, what do these kids see when they stare in awe at the new CLS? Well, there is the aggressively alien headlamp design that just magnetizes your attention, especially at night. It’s even more captivating at dusk with its LED array. And then there’re the gorgeous lines that seemingly never end, from the sexy yet strong front fascia, up the hood and on the sides down towards the muscular rear end quarter panels.

If your own kid can appreciate such beauty, then Mercedes-Benz is definitely on the right track in their new design philosophies.

Well, enough talk. Check out the clip, will ‘ya?

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