Smart ForTwo Predicted to Sell Less Than 100,000 Units Globally

Michael C. August 31, 2010

When the gas prices had a sudden increase in 2008, car owners began their search for a more fuel efficient automobile. One of the cars that experienced high sales was the small Smart Fortwo. An astonishing 25,000 units of Daimler’s “smart car” were sold that year, followed by a substantial though less spectacular sales during the whole of 2009.

Though the ForTwo experienced significant sales in the US, it took a turn for the worse in 2010. For the first half of this year, Automotive News stated that Smart has only sold 4,000 units of Fortwo. Also, according to the German newspaper, Der Spiegel, the Smart sales in the US will probably make only one third of the 25,000 units that were sold last 2008. Considering the low US sales, Smart is at risk of selling less than 100,000 units globally for 2010, a number much lesser than the 114,000 units sold last 2009.

Some experts think that ForTwo’s sparkle is already gone in the US as their fuel economy registers 33 miles per gallon in the city and 41 mpg in highway is not as great as far more convenient hybrids like Toyota Prius. ForTwo is also beginning to be compared to bigger gas-powered automobiles like the Ford Fiesta and Chevrolet Cruze. Nor were experts excited with the Fortwo when they reviewed their 2009 model. As of now, the only way Smart will get back on track in the US is if the petrol prices go up again, or if the forthcoming model of the Smart Forfour get good reviews from the car experts.

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  1. Very dissatisfied with our smart car. The transmission is a joke with very rough head snapping gear shifts, which, because there are five gears, seem to happen all the time in city driving. (At one point our transmission failed to be able to go into reverse. The merecedes dealership fixed this for no charge saying there were “thousands of smart cars with the same problem.” If thats the case mercedes should do a recall and fix them all.) The suspension is rough with even minor bumps being uncomfortable. The car was so uncontrollable on ice that special winter tires had to be purchased for it. With the winter tires it is about the same as any car on ice with summer tires. The purchase of winter tires, (and rims) has more than wiped out any possible financial savings from fuel economy. The car has no spare, making it unsuitable for road trips. Instead of a spare in has a can of tire sealant. If this will work or not in cases of holes caused by nails or screws is a matter of conjecture, – it certainly does not inspire confidence. Also the car doesn’t carry a jack, requiring use of another vehicles jack to switch-out flats or perform season changes to winter tires . It is not very stable in high winds common on the prairies, also making it unsuitable for highway travel.

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