Lewis Hamilton Receives $500 fine

Michael C. August 25, 2010

Lewis Hamilton’s stunt effort in front of his fans ended in March, when the Formula 1 driver was apprehended by Victorian police outside Albert Park at the time of Australian Formula One Grand Prix performing a burnout in his borrowed Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG. The car was later impounded and he was summoned to court.

Hamilton has been charged under the new hoon laws and was fined last Tuesday. Based on the reports, the fine was $500, an amount Lewis can acquire in just a matter of minutes. Magistrate Clive Alsop stated after the charge that he would not constrain Hamilton with a criminal convictions as this is only his first offense. He also added that Hamilton was apologetic and regretful of the incident and as a result, pleaded guilty right away.

According to the recent British Telegraph report, Alsop stated that Hamilton’s action was unacceptable. He also added that this isn’t about somebody’s character, this is about somebody in a responsible position acting up like a hoon. Presently Hamilton is relieved that the whole fiasco finally ended, and stated that he regrets his actions in this matter and is pleased that it has finally been resolved.

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