Insider Spy: C-Class Coupe to possibly replace the CLC

Kharl Prado July 15, 2010

Did you really think Mercedes-Benz really let BMW get away with their 1/3 Series Coupe’s success across the globe? Think again, fellow Insider. Because Mercedes-Benz isn’t going to take this sitting down. Not without a fight. It hasn’t been made public, though. That’s why we’re doing you a favor, by releasing spy photographs of the replacement for the leaves-much-to-be-desired CLC. Right now, they’re calling it the C-Class Coupe, but who knows what it’ll be called once it makes its public debut?

Rumors say that it should hit show floors as early as June or July next year. They also say that it’s going to be based largely on the existing, highly respected C-Class platform. No less than Mercedes-Benz US CEO Ernst Lieb revealed to media back in March that their company is coming up with more variants of the C-Class. With this move, Mercedes-Benz is aiming to gain higher ground against its fellow German rival BMW who offers the 3 Series in all forms—coupe, sedan, convertible and wagon.

If successfully launched, the new C-Class Coupe will join the ranks of the new E-Class Coupe, and shall boast of engine specifications that are already being used in the current C-Class range. If you’re already envisioning a 5.5-liter V8-powered AMG variant, well then that leaves much to be desired, doesn’t it?

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  1. The facelifted C-Class and the C-Class Coupe (replacing the CLC) will have L shape headlights, like the current CLS or SL. The C-Class Coupe is a real lolita!

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