Fifth Gear and David Coulthard play with the SLS AMG on the Isle of Man

Kharl Prado July 21, 2010

How fast would you drive an SLS AMG? 120 miles per hour? Well, it’s not enough to beat David Coulthard’s run on the Isle of Man on his very own (spare) SLS. He was invited by Mercedes-Benz to drive the SLS while shooting a scene for a certain 3D film. What film that is doesn’t really matter right now. What does matter is we’ve got video of an interview with DC on the Isle of Man, as well as a challenge run by Fifth Gear main man Tiff Needell to meet, if not surpass, DC’s 160 miles per hour maximum speed estimate.

Why is this exciting for Needell? Well, it’s only the country’s sole stretch of public road that doesn’t have a speed limit—you can more or less strike a guess of what roads they have there—AND, it’s been closed to the public. Which means, DC and Needell had every inch of road to themselves.

As for whether Needell was able to attain his goal, we’ll leave you to see it for yourselves in the video. What we can tell you is that according to both DC and Needell, the SLS truly comes alive when nearing the limit of its performance—which is around 200 miles per hour. That should serve as a good clue. Enjoy the video!

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