Reputation Institute N.Y. ranks Mercedes-Benz as 5th most reputable company

Kharl Prado June 8, 2010

More important than anything else, for a company to stay afloat, it has to cut through the clutter of advertisements and marketing clouds present in all forms of media. Hard though as companies may try, there’s only one way to keep their head afloat in the world of business—get customers to buy—not think, just buy. That’s what reputation does for a company, and Mercedes-Benz is no short of being reputable.

Highly regarded as one of, if not the, top luxury car manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz enjoys doing reputable business with loyal clients all over the world. So it’s no wonder why its popularity has given it tremendous name-recall in the minds of consumers. Proof of this comes in the form of an award for 5th place in the list of the world’s Most Reputed Companies.

No less than the New York based consulting firm, Reputation Institute, came up with this year’s list consisting of 54 of the largest and most famous companies from two dozen countries around the world. Over 181,000 consumers internationally rated the candidate companies, out of which Google, Sony Corporation and Apple ranked the highest in this year’s Global Reputation Pulse survey.

Mercedes-Benz, on the other hand, managed to garner enough votes, putting it in fifth place amongst companies from different industries. Such an achievement is proof that it not only shines as a luxury car—and commercial vehicles—manufacturer, but as a reputable business entity as well.

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