SLS AMG of the future to be hybrid?

Kharl Prado May 13, 2010


How receptive are you to rumors? Whether what you hear is true or not, you have to admit that a huge part of it says a lot about what people want. And so, rumors of a future baby SLS AMG can perhaps be dismissed as simply a reflection of what people are craving for, so they start cooking up stories to feed their imagination.

Well, hopefully, whatever news is being spread about a smaller SLS AMG are true. Because that’s exactly what Mercedes-Benz fans need right now – something to really showcase the performance side of the three-star badge. And, hopefully, rumors about its being a hybrid won’t become truth, because then a lot of enthusiasts are going to be turned off. Come on, nothing beats a real V8 under the hood.

Besides, Mercedes-Benz already has a host of new V6 and V8 engines being mass-produced in Bad Canstatt, so there’ll be no problem crafting one especially for a baby SLS. And with the kind of magic AMG is famous for, fans can only expect a sizable increase in horsepower from the stock V8.

But if the rumors are true, expect the baby SLS to carry either a 4-cylinder diesel with an electric motor, or a 3.5-liter V6 gasoline plus two magneto electric motors. Maybe they’ll even consider a fully-electric vehicle with four motors, like the SLS eDrive. Only time will tell.

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