“Robots” Used to Conduct Mercedes-Benz Safety Tests

Michael C. May 18, 2010

Mercedes-Benz have applied automated driving to conduct safety tests. Their main objective was test their car’s safety as if a human is driving it. Parameters like speed, angle and timing cannot be simulated and it is not really safe to risk a human driver during tests. Mercedes-Benz is the leading manufacturer with regards to technological developments of cars. It is known to assist in fast tracking the progress and execution of airbags, three point safety belts, ABS, ESP and other automotive developments. Thus, automated driving systems have been improved for test driving purposes. Even though the said system has been used for some time now, they have presently developed a program that would tackle additional driving factors such as blind spot recognition systems, lane change warnings and night view assistance.

Autopilot systems that are used to drive cars are vehicles equipped with robots for steering, acceleration and braking. The commands are connected to the anon-board computer and the system follows a set of course for testing. According to the Head of Product Innovations & Process Technologies at Corporate Research and Advanced Engineering Daimler AG, Prof. Bharat Balasubramanian, using the future driver assistance system will solve more intricate traffic situations and lessen dangers of common accident-prone areas such as intersections.  He also added that their new automated driving test methods help them conform with their high quality safety demands much efficiently.

Mercedes is also conducting what they call “extreme tests” where they push the cars safety to the limit to be able to set some safety measures. If there is a vehicle mishap, the computers will instantly detect the errors and either stop it or simple record the problem. According to Mercedes management, human reaction is not as quick as a computer and it cannot perform repetitive tasks accurately.

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