New Regulations Will Lead to Greater Change Than Anytime in History

Michael C. May 20, 2010

According to Mercedes-Benz USA executive, Sascha Simon, with the new greenhouse gas emissions standard put into law, the auto industry is now ready to go through a big transformation in the coming 10 years, even much larger than the changes it underwent in the last 50 years. This statement was announced by the German automaker’s executive in her recent talk with young entrpeneurs at the Summit Series in Washington DC. Although he made point in stating that there’s no “silver bullet” that would be the answer to the problem of US with regards to transportation and its depedence on gasoline. Simon also added that such factors provoke the public to come up with different answers like plug-in hybrids, electric cars, power grids, charging stations and lithium-ion batteries. Although all of these suggestions can be a possible answer to the transportation problem, in reality, driving an electric vehicle can only accommodate short distance trips and is not the perfect solution to the problem.

Simon stated that a majority of drivers would need bigger vehicles that can go for longer lenghts, especially the commercial vehicles that cannot depend solely on batteries. To be able to find an answer, Mercedes-Benz is considering resources in hydrogen electric technology, which can be a main factor in reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. Mercedes-Benz would also delve into the BlueTEC clean diesel SUV’s and hybrid technology with hydrogen electric autmobiles by the year’s end, and present to their clients the these latest technology. Additionally, infrastructure disputes are hindering the technology from being used on a bigger scale. Simon stated that the new breed of buyers would be a big factor in molding the future of transportation. The progress of the program would rely on effective climate change agenda, carbon fuel supplies, and also the client’s motivation to adopt with using alternative fuel vehicles.

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