Mercedes GP To Present New F-Duct System In Turkish Grand Prix

Michael C. May 22, 2010

mercedes-gp-to-debut-automatic-f-duct-in-turkey-20667_1Based on Auto Bild , the engineers based in Brackley have created an answer for the F-duct system that would not oblige the driver to operate it “hands-free” while driving. For this reason, it would be much easier for the driver to concentrate on his driving and allow the mechanism to do its job. Even though the F-duct technology has been excluded for the Formula One season 2011, the leading racers are still upgrading with car technology for this year. Ferrari and BMW Sauber have preferred to duplicate in some degree the McLaren’s design and present their own driver controlled F-duct system, where Mercedes GP also have plans of their own for this year. Based on Mercedes’ motorsport director, at the present, the F-duct system is still in its testing phase, and their solution would differ from the other racing teams.

The F-duct was recently disallowed for the next season subsequent to the Ferrari’s version of the design which was presented in Spain. A video of Fernand Alonso was shown trying to control the air flow in a straight line by putting one of his hands on the side of the cockpit which was deemed to be very dangerous. Based on the news, there is a high chance that the system would be presented on the W01 next weeked on the Turkish Grand Prix. The latest F-duct would be taking over the previous design, which diverts the airflow at high speed through a rear wing opening via a driver-controlled air inlet inside the cockpit. The driver would set off the system using his knees, which would add an extra 6mph of speed in straight line.

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