Mercedes-Benz To Showcase Improved V6 and V8 Petrol Engines

Michael C. May 7, 2010

mercedes-benz-to-introduce-new-v6-and-v8-petrol-engines-20140_1According to the news, Mercedes-Benz will showcase a new line of a much powerful and efficient V6 and also V8 gas engines this autumn.  With regards to its V6 engine, the new changes would be a latest narrow-angle block, as with the V8, it is said to have reduced its capacity and added a new twin-turbo induction. The two new engines are designed with a third generation direct injection with piezo-electric injectors, revised combustion, multi-spark ignition and low-friction ancillaries.  These latest innovations are said to save fuel for its would- be owners by as high as 24 percent.  Its power has also been increased to 435 horepower (from 388 hp) and its torque is reported to be 32 percent higher at 516 lb-ft.

Based on the management of Mercedes, its would- be owners would feel the same luxury and comfort Mercedes-Benz offers from their new V8, they would also feel its power which is brought by its 7.0 liter engine.  The latest V8 engine will be publicly introduced in the CL500 this coming autumn and will features a fuel economy of up to 29.7 miles per gallon. Its new 3.5 liter V6 engine will also include a stop-start function, which cuts it gas consumption while being stuck in traffic, which is a new feature on a multi-cylinder Mercedes-Benz engine.   Its power goes up to a maximum of 305 HP, from its previous 272 HP, and its torque also went up by 272 lb-ft.  The late V6 will showcase in the S350 starting autumn and the CL350 will start this coming winter.

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