Mercedes-Benz Sprinter City out on the streets of Berlin

Michael C. May 3, 2010

The taxi driver’s guild of Berlin announced their recently acquired 27 units of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter City 35 minibuses that are already distributed for use in the city.  The reason for the recent acquisition is to come to terms with assisting low transit routes commuters and by also avoiding the use of full sized buses during these trips.  The mini buses will replace the current taxi vans and provide rides to shift workers, night travellers and tourists.  The Berlin Transportation Company (BVG) is the one responsible for the purchase of the minibuses, has chosen Berliner Taxigewerbe to be in charge of the vehicles and routes.  According to the Chairman of the Berlin Taxi Drivers’ Guild, Bernd Dorendahl, their principal role is to offer assistance to people who are using public transport routes, and to bring them home safely at night from underground and suburban rail stations.

The Sprinter City 35 is a powerful vehicle that features a four cylinder 129 hp diesel engine with an automatic five-speed transmission.  It is also a rear-wheel drive, with additional rear axle suspension that is available on demand.  It is equiped with 12 seats, and also capable of adding ten more people who are capable of travelling while standing.  It also features a bay for wheelchair or pushchair.  It is wired in a computerised operations control system with an automatic ticketing system.   The minibuses are also equipped with a radio system and an alarm button. A bigger version of the Sprinter City is also offered by Mercedes, which is driven by the same four cylinder engine that boasts of up to 163 hp.

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