Mercedes-Benz Seeks Advice From “Digital Natives”

Michael C. May 25, 2010

SLS 63 AMGMercedes-Benz has come about with a social media initiative targeted for the “digital natives” or a group of people from 16 to 33 who have grown up with the web – people who regularly uploads photos and types a couple of characters at a time. One of such internet group is called the Gen-Benz, which consists of 580 members who offers Mercedes-Benz related comments and commentary. Another forum is a group that consists of 1,800 M-B Advisers who give out feedbacks with regards to the brands advertising and branding. According to the news, Mercedes-Benz utilized the groups’ various inputs to be able to market new vehicles and create marketing strategies.

One example on how crowed-sourcing was utilized is simply brilliant. Some members of the Gen-Benz were sent out to Mercedes-Benz car dealers acting out as “mystery buyers”, then they reported Mercedes what the outcome was. They reported that some of the car dealers did not treat them pleasingly and that other sales people where just too old and not knowledgeable about the cars. According to the statement of the Mercedes-Benz VP of marketing, this instance would not come to their attention if not for the help of the Gen-Benz group. In a different occasion, the M-B Advisers recommended to the Mercedes management to stick with an emotional pitch for its SLS AMG, although we are not sure of the other different ways available to advertise a car with a $200,000 price range, some people find it very commendable for a conservative company like Mercedes-Benz to interact with its current and new buyers. Believe it or not, we at BenzInsider and you the readers are part of the new trend to utilize social media to interact with fans and influencer.

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  2. Mercedes S 350 model 2010 is having excessive
    rear left tire wear and jerks at cruisuing speed
    please advise what to do.

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