Mercedes-Benz F1 technical director Norbert Haug pushes for smaller engines

Kharl Prado April 22, 2010


Engine size does matter, especially in Formula One. This has been a hot issue ever since talks have been initiated discussing Formula One engine regulations from 2013 onwards.

Norbert Haug, Mercedes F1 technical director, has a different take on the matter. Haug says that instead of having a top-down plan, meaning an upper limit on engine displacement, why not go from bottom up, suggesting smaller engines for the big gun manufacturers.

Haug believes that by reducing engine displacement, independent manufacturers will benefit, especially those without the financial capabilities of Ferrari and Mercedes.

Besides, Haug believes it’s all in the name of global environmental trends. Smaller engines would naturally use less fuel and emit decreased emissions. It’ll be a lot easier than upgrading the internals of an engine hoping it would use less fuel and produce less exhaust without changing its size.

Haug also stresses that Formula One has to retain its technological pedigree. Being the pinnacle of motorsports, you can’t expect Formula One cars to be the greenest of them all. It’s like, according to Haug’s words, flying from Europe to Japan and hoping to use less fuel than an entire Formula One season would. It just isn’t very realistic.

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