Mercedes-Benz C-Class crashes through parking garage wall

Muamer Hodzic April 28, 2010

mercedes-benz c-class
As you’ll see in the pictures, a Mercedes-Benz C-Class slammed through an outside wall of a 6th floor Bank of America garage in downtown Tulsa, OK. Fire crew were on the scene within minutes, but luckily the car was in no danger of falling out of the garage, nor were there any injuries reported. The C-Class driver told police he somehow got his foot stuck under the gas pedal. He says that caused the car to zoom across the parking garage in reverse and slam into the outer wall. This of course makes no sense what so ever, the only way this would be possible is if stepping on the accelerator makes the car go forward, and lifting up the pedal must make it go backwards!

Honestly, when I first view the image, posted on reddit by Destos, I was thinking that the car crashed in from the outside? Which would have been way more awesome. As you can see on the pictures, there is almost no significant damage to the car; either the car is really well built, or the wall was very weak.

via reddit and NewsOn6

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  3. If I did that I would be arrested. they didnt even ticket him. what a joke. he should have to take the driving test again if he wants to drive. what if he hit me, ticket then, maybe.

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