Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG drifting video

Junnie Crisostomo April 14, 2010

Driving in wet conditions could be dangerous as we know. Aquaplaning is our nightmare when we drive our cars at mid-high speed. It makes the car go out of control when it aquaplanes. Well… to some driving in the rain is fun, especially when you’re in a circuit with an AMG E63. The 525 horsepower V8 gives the car so much power and making it drifting in the track quite easy. As you can see in the video, the car is stable while drifting and it gives geometry a new meaning. It’s like a ballerina on stage with a symphony of harmony watched by thousand of spectators.

The AMG’s power and torque is seen very clearly and making the rear wheels spin like a helicopter rotor. These new breed of beasts like this E63 is utterly beautiful to watch on video, what more when you drive it yourself? Also, turn up the volume and listen to the sound of that roaring M159 engine.

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