2009 MB TecDay: ESF vehicle and its innovations

Muamer Hodzic June 11, 2009

The ESF 2009 is the first Experimental Safety Vehicle to be built by Mercedes-Benz since 1974. Like its historic predecessors, it illustrates trail-blazing innovations in the field of safety and makes the progress achieved clearly visible. These amazing but by no means crazy ideas include inflatable me-tallic sections which give more stability to structural components within frac-tions of a second, as well as the so-called “Braking Bag”.

Here is a list of innovations that you can read more about:

Hybrid Battery Shield: seven-stage safety system
Interseat Protection: don’t get too close to me
Child Cam: keeping an eye on the kids
Size Adaptive Airbags: tailor-made airbags
PRE-SAFE 360: full emergency braking before an im-pact
Child Protect: safety and comfort for very small pas-sengers
Belt Bag: a clever combination of a seat belt and airbag
Side Reflect: not all Mercedes are grey at night
Partial main beam: full beam ahead at all times
PRE-SAFE Pulse: an automatic nudge in the ribs

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