Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC equipped SUVs are coming to Europe

Muamer Hodzic May 5, 2009

GL 350 BlueTEC
With a successful launch of BlueTEC equipped models in the US, Mercedes-Benz is now bringing its BlueTEC SUVs to the European market. This is a guaranteed home win. The three BlueTEC SUVs can be ordered immediately; deliveries will begin in September 2009.

The turn in American tax policy has contributed to the “reintroduction” of diesel power cars in the US. With the purchase of a Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC owners get the same tax benefits as for a hybrid car. For example, the GL equipped with BlueTEC technology can bring a savings of $1,832. In addition to the E 350 BlueTEC sedan, the range also includes three SUV vehicles – the ML 350 BlueTEC 4MATIC, GL 350 BlueTEC 4MATIC and R 350 BlueTEC 4MATIC. BlueTEC will additionally bolster the appeal of this vehicle category in Europe.

BlueTEC is a technology developed by Mercedes-Benz for effective reduction of diesel vehicle emissions, especially nitrogen oxides. This is the only exhaust gas constituent which has inherently higher levels in diesel engines than in gasoline engines. AdBlue®, a harmless, water-based urea solution, is injected into the exhaust flow, reducing up to 80 percent of the nitrogen oxides to harmless nitrogen and water in the downstream SCR catalytic converter. Moreover, the GL 350 BlueTEC 4MATIC, ML 350 BlueTEC 4MATIC and R 350 BlueTEC 4MATIC already meet the exhaust limits of the EU-6 Standard, which will become effective from 2014.

The powerful V6 diesel engine of the new BlueTEC SUV models shows that large SUVs are also capable of fuel economy and extremely low emissions. It delivers 155 kW/211 hp with a torque of 540 Newton meters, thus guaranteeing low consumption values as well as outstanding performance.

Stars and BlueTEC Vehicles

In addition to the successful actress Naomi Watts and her partner Liev Schreiber (known from “X-Men” and “The Manchurian Candidate”), BlueTEC drivers from the film and television industry also include William Baldwin, “Desperate Housewives” star Kyle MacLachlan, “Sex and the City” actress Kim Cattrall, Oscar nominee and Golden Globe winner Gary Oldman and “Phantom of the Opera” singer Emmy Rossum. “My ML 320 BlueTEC has all the power and luxury you’d expect of a Mercedes-Benz, plus the efficiency and low environmental impact of an economy or even hybrid vehicle”, says Emmy Rossum. “BlueTEC is really the best of both worlds.” World-famous singer, musician and environmental activist Sheryl Crow enjoys the advantages of the R-Class BlueTEC and echoes this view: “The newest clean diesel vehicles are eco-friendly and deserve as much attention as other gas alternatives like hybrids!”

In the world of music, pop star Gwen Stefani and her husband, musician Gavin Rossdale, also drive a Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC, as does singer Josh Kelley who is married to “Grey’s Anatomy” star Katherine Heigl. Other owners of a

Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC vehicle include Nicole Richie and Joel Madden, singer of the US band “Good Charlotte”. Seven-time Grammy award winner Alanis Morissette chose a fuel-efficient and low emission Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC to feature in her video for “Underneath”.

BlueTEC Models: Selling Prices in Europe

The ML 350 BlueTEC 4MATIC, GL 350 BlueTEC 4MATIC and R 350 BlueTEC 4MATIC models can be ordered immediately, with delivery starting in September 2009. Here are the prices at a glance:
ML 350 BlueTEC
GL 350 BlueTEC
R 350 BlueTEC
Price (excluding VAT)

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  1. I’ve got the GL320 CDI. Yes, there’ve been a few mechanical problems, but I’ve never been disappointed in the CDI (although I sure wouldn’t mind a 420 option here in the US). But to me, BlueTec only adds another tank to fill while requiring expensive and hard to find run-flats, and no spare option whatsoever. I’ve balked at getting a newer GL partly because of BlueTec.

    In Europe, the GL’s a big, big car. Europeans have the option (which we will soon be enjoying) of BMW diesels, which seem to be engineered better, more reliable cars, with higher technology (thinking EfficientDynamics). Mercedes will have work to do to sell more than a few GLs in Europe, though there’s a GL450 on every corner here in the Southwest.

  2. It well be good if thar is GL- 65 AMG be cos is big body or GL 63 AMG… Family person licke me love to have somthing big 3 roll seet when i,m by my self so i can doo som speed …som body like me dont have mony to spend for 2 cars 1 famili car 1 for me big engen …
    soory my speling is not good

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