Mercedes-Benz Bluetooth telephone module

Muamer Hodzic March 1, 2007


UPDATED August 3rd 2010: This post has gotten a lot of attention in the last couple of years, with a lot of people asking why their phone or PDA doesn’t work. Here are some more info from Mercedes and the bluetooth module.

Please visit the Mercedes-Benz Bluetooth Connectivity site to learn more on how to connect you mobile device and if it’s supported.

By popular request, Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH is extending its range of communication accessories to include a further Bluetooth telephony solution: the new Mercedes-Benz Bluetooth® (HFP) telephone module allows you to use your BlackBerry® in a Mercedes-Benz passenger car without physically connecting it to the vehicle. The modular solution is specially designed for in-car telecommunication and is also suitable for a select range of mobile phones which support the Bluetooth® Hands Free Profile (HFP). The new telephone module with HFP software complements the factory-fitted solutions currently offered and is available for virtually every Mercedes model series.

Sending and receiving e-mails, making phone calls, checking pictures and presentations – mobile executives can carry their office with them in the BlackBerry® handheld computer. Now, for the first time, the new Mercedes-Benz Bluetooth® (HFP) telephone module allows BlackBerry® 8700g, 8700v and 8707v models to be connected wirelessly to a Mercedes-Benz passenger car.

The new accessory from Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH makes using the phone while in the car even safer and more convenient. The biggest advantage is that the handheld or mobile phone can be left in your jacket pocket or handbag. The wireless Bluetooth connection between the device and the vehicle is established automatically. The module features a single button, which is used to activate the pairing process, where the mobile phone or BlackBerry® is connected to the module for the first time. Once pairing has taken place, connection is always automatic. Integration on board also allows safe, intuitive control of the telephone functions via the multifunction steering wheel, the audio system and the central instrument cluster display.

The Bluetooth® (HFP) telephone module, which is also suitable for Motorola PEBL U6, Nokia 6131, Nokia 6111, Nokia N70, Sony Ericsson K610i, Sony Ericsson W550i and BenQ-Siemens EF81 mobile phones, acts as an extension of the pre-installation for mobile phone with universal interface, a feature which is already present in many of the latest Mercedes-Benz models (optional extra Code 386). The module is simply inserted into this pre-installation in the centre armrest. The Mercedes-Benz Bluetooth® (HFP) telephone module, in independent-design closed-box format, will be available from Mercedes-Benz sales partners from March 2007, and is priced at EUR 250.00, including VAT (price applies to German market).

High-end telephony: the second generation of the Mercedes-Benz Bluetooth® (SAP) telephone module offers even more possibilities

The familiar Bluetooth® telephone module with SAP (SIM Access Profile) technology can now also be used with the Nokia business-optimised E60, E61 and E70 mobile phones. Business executives who share use of the same car will appreciate the fact that up to four telephones can now be paired with the module. Once a device has been paired, the module instantly recognises it as soon as it is within range and automatically establishes a connection. The SIM card PIN (Personal Identification Number) can now be stored too, making the system even more convenient to use.

Alternative for mobile phones without Bluetooth®: genuine mobile-phone holders from Mercedes-Benz

If your mobile phone does not feature Bluetooth®, the best way to establish contact between the mobile phone and the on-board hands-free system is using one of the range of special mobile-phone holders. The various mobile-phone holders from Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH are tailored to the Mercedes-Benz vehicle models in both technical and visual terms. They allow the mobile phone to be operated using the multifunction steering wheel, and the telephone status is indicated in the multifunction display. While inserted in one of these mobile-phone holders on board, the mobile’s battery is also charged. Before you can use one of these holders, your vehicle must be fitted with the optional extra pre-installation for mobile phone with interface (Code 386) or with the optional extra Mercedes-Benz mobile phone (Code 388).

The Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH range is very extensive and is constantly updated. It currently includes genuine Mercedes-Benz mobile-phone holders for the following mobiles

Nokia 3120, 6020, 6021, 6100, 6210, 6220, 6230, 6230i, 6310, 6310i, 6610, 6610i, 6820, 6822, 7250i

Siemens S65, SP65, SK65, CX65, CXT65, CX65V, CX70, CXT70, CX70V, CX75, M75, ME75, S75, SL75

SonyEricsson T610, T630, K600i, K750i, W800, W800i, W810i

Samsung SGH-D600 and SGH-E720

Motorola RAZR V3, V3i and SLVR L7.

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  2. bought a 2007 slk350 recently, and had the bluetooth kit installed by the dealer. told the dealer we needed to pair a blackberry to this car. can’t seem to get our blackberry to stay paired. our blackberry is a 7130e. is there any info on this particular model of blackberry, and any updates for pairing?

  3. Hello Susan,

    The BlackBerry 8700g, 8700v and 8707v models can be connected wirelessly to a Mercedes-Benz passenger car. Hope that helps. If you have trouble connecting the device I would go back to the dealer, or find a tech expert who can help.

    The other phones that can be connected are,

    Nokia 3120, 6020, 6021, 6100, 6210, 6220, 6230, 6230i, 6310, 6310i, 6610, 6610i, 6820, 6822, 7250i

    Siemens S65, SP65, SK65, CX65, CXT65, CX65V, CX70, CXT70, CX70V, CX75, M75, ME75, S75, SL75

    SonyEricsson T610, T630, K600i, K750i, W800, W800i, W810i

    Samsung SGH-D600 and SGH-E720

    Motorola RAZR V3, V3i and SLVR L7.

  4. Hello,

    Will the new module support other devices on the universal Handsfree profile?

    I have an Orange SPVM3100. This currently does not work at all with the Bluetooth MHI adaptor that I currently have. It is a weird variant of SAP. (the phone supports SAP and works with the VW passat SAP bluetooth kit).

    Anyway I was hoping that this new module will solve all my problems. 🙂

  5. Hey Paul,

    The bluetoooth module does support SAP, but not sure if it will work with your phone. Here what they had to say about that.
    The familiar Bluetooth® telephone module with SAP (SIM Access Profile) technology can now also be used with the Nokia business-optimised E60, E61 and E70 mobile phones. Business executives who share use of the same car will appreciate the fact that up to four telephones can now be paired with the module. Once a device has been paired, the module instantly recognises it as soon as it is within range and automatically establishes a connection. The SIM card PIN (Personal Identification Number) can now be stored too, making the system even more convenient to use.

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  7. Hello,

    Got one this morning and it works – hurray!! (Orange SPV M3100 (HTC TyTn/Hermes) and Orange SPV C600)

    Partnumber = B67875877

    You may need Jetware Mobile to enable phonebook import – depending on phone model – but other than that it is out the box compatible. :-))

  8. Jeffrey D. Crane March 28, 2007 at 11:33 am

    The capacity of computer will not allow a full download of my contacts list. Does any one have a solution to this problem? I am using a Blackberry Pearl in a S550 Mercedes.

  9. I have a new 2007 e class with phone kit for nokia 6230i installed. I have a problem with this phone kit, if I store my numbers with an international dialling code, 00353 in my case because I am in ireland, the car kit will not recall the name from the memory. This was not a problem in my last car (2004) . Can anyone help , please?

  10. paul, I’m seeking to get to the bottom of my own bt issues here in the us with my new GL 450 and i may have a partial answer for you. With no concrete evidence to back it up, I feel that there’s two different types of BT profiles – an older spec and, now, a newer spec. I got into it because we in the us have limited devices that work well and have a full feature set – it’s fricken’ maddening. from what I’ve discovered, there’s a newer profile (SAP-Server) that’s named differently than the older variant (SIM Access-Server). I’ve read about frustrations both ways – older phones won’t hook up to the newer module, and vice versa.

    I remember reading that Nokia was to propose a new SAP set of profiles (server and client) a few years ago, and from what I found on the web site, almost all of the approved SAP devices are made by Nokia. I suspect the newer listing likely relates to an evolution of the stack code meant to access a phone’s SIM AND take control over some of the phone’s capabilities (such as transfer the receiving antenna from the phone to the vehicle). As engineers are notoriously poor communicators, I suspect that I may never know what the difference is. I also suspect that some ROMs can be adapted with modified stacks (for phones that make economic sense, like the RAZR variants) that have chosen to license the code from whom owns it. I have a couple of links to peruse…––

    and you’ll see a difference in the “newness” of the devices.

  11. A quick follow up. I picked up a MB BT adapter this afternoon; I installed it in about 2 minutes. My iPaq 6515, which worked in my old Benz (a W203), offers only HF operation now. My GF’s newer Cingular SYNC (SGH-A707) also offered only HF operation. A new Cingular Motorola RAZR V3xx (3.5G for the US) connected quickly and synced the phone’s SIM and address book and used GL’s antenna about 5 seconds later. My next task is to get the V3xx to talk to the GL and a TomTom GO 910 so I can get my traffic updates, however, I think that the Moto isn’t capable of multipoint… Sigh.

  12. Jeffrey are you saying that the Blackberry pearl 8100 does work with the new Merc bluetooth kit but that it has a limit on the number of contacts you can download? I am in process of obtaining the 8100.

  13. I’m going through this painful process on my new B180.
    The limit is, in fact, the capacity of your SIM card because
    SAP ( SIM Access Profile) will take the date from your SIM
    which is limited to 250 numbers. Note: not from data in memory
    so you need to transfer to SIM. New SIM cards should resolve this issue.

    My new Nokia E65 works fine put I have to re-pair every time I enter the car. Just trying to work around this.My E65 does ask me for a pass key but I do not know which pass key, as yet. Any ideas ?

  14. Just bought 56 plate c-class and husband and I have to get new phones, but the list they gave us doesn’t seem much of an upgrade for me as I have a Sony Ericsson W800i ( hubby has a razr v3). I want a new phone as I haven’t upgraded for a while and we may as well have the same phones (do we have to have the same, or just one from the list?).
    Not very good with technology (obviously) – I usually get my business partner to sort all this out for me. She always insists on Sony Ericsson, and I must admit we have never had a problem.
    Is there any sort of download to be able to use any different phones as the ones I want to upgrade to are much prettier than the ones we sould be buying! (sorry for being such a girl!)
    Thanking you in anticipation of your help.

  15. I have had good luck only with the HP 6945 it syncs contacts, dialed and recieved call and plays the ringers through the speakers. Just a little to big for me. What are the other completely compatible phone for the MB Bluetooth.? I’m buying different phones that don’t completely sync the Sony a790, Motorola RIZR Z3. I have a GL 320 CDI

  16. So should a blackberry pearl work with the previous bluetooth adpater? I bought the adapter about 4 months ago, and cant get it to work with my pearl. It finds the phone, I am asked to enter the displayed code into the phone, I do this but then Command shows the message ‘no network’. Could there be something stupid I am forgetting to do?

  17. Is there any sprint pcs phone that can work with the V60 OR do I have to change my service provider to Verizon, T-mobile or Cingular.

  18. I have a CLS with Bluetooth SAP Module fitted. It all worked perfectly with my Nokia 6230i, even fully downloading all of the contacts from my phone memory as well as the SIM card. I have now changed to phone to a Nokia N95, and it pairs up and works perfectly, and until recently worked with the contacts loaded into the MB Blutooth module. However, as I frequently amend numbers in my telephone book, as is my normal practice I dialled 0000 to refresh the stored contacts in the MB Module. With the Nokia N95 (it always worked perfectly with the 6230i) this had the effect of deleting all of my contacts (from the module not the phone), and the phone displays a message under the Sync screen “System error”. Clearly the phone is trying to synchronise otherwise it would not have opened the SYNC screen, but they do not seem to want to talk. Anyone have any ideas? Do I need to create a SYNC profile in the phone?

  19. hi i hope some one can help me iv got a 53 plate E270 pre wired to accept a 6210i i now have a 6230i i ordred a craidal to fit the phone from merc but none of the plugs would fit is there an adapter lead that i nead and dose anyone have the part number please merc are naw telling me that you carnt change the cradle you have to stick with the one that is fitted that dosnt sounr right to me thanks carl

  20. Pookie sportcoupe April 19, 2007 at 2:42 am

    Hi all,

    I think we are facing the same problem : we all ahve different phones and like to change frequently ( more or less).
    Instead of looking for specific cradles for our phones I think Mercedes has made something that would fit to us by using the MFP protocol.
    Like this we would be able to use Bluetooth phones MFP able.

    I have a W810i, W880i, K800i SE phones and will get back to you as soon as i received the new blutooth cradle.


  21. I’ ve a Sony Ericsson K800i.
    1. Do you know if is there any MB crandle for this model?
    2. Does it work with second generation of MB SAP crandle?

    Thank’s in advance

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  23. E220 W211 pre-installed Nokia Car Kit 2003……. Is there no way to integrate a Bluetooth adapter for this car? How had can it be to produce a unit that sits in the Nokia cradle and allows you to connect your phone via Bluetooth? I’m sure that the American market did exactly this for the pre-installed Motorola V60’s. Come on Merc get a grip look at what your customers need and please develop a unit that will allow the pre 2004 cars to benefit.

  24. Jeffrey D. Crane May 3, 2007 at 9:28 am

    I have used the Blackberry Pearl and it worked in my new S550 just by turning it on. Only problem is the limitation on phone numbers accepted into the car’s phonebook. I do have over 1450 contacts, all with multiple numbers, and only can get to the letter K for names. I have to use my handset to call all others.

  25. Hello,

    I will have a S class mercedes soon which supports mobile phone with SAP profile. That is what the Car dealer told me. Now Could someone tell me if any Samsung SGH-D840 supports this future. Otherwise which other samsung or any other phone on the market does that ? Thank you.

  26. Hi bougth a new C class mercedes and can not conect to my ipaq 6945, exactly when I enter the number to comunicate, says ” failed” Is it compatible or I am missing something?
    Sorry about my english. I hope you understand me.

  27. Hi,

    I bought and installed the mb bluetooth cradle for the V3 phone. It worked fine with the v3. Unfortunately the v3 died after being soaked with water. I got a replacement upgrade from cingular (v3xx). It appears to pair okay. Asks for the pass key and then it bonds. However, the phone then says unable to connect and the command system says the phone is not on. Any suggestions to remedy this would be greatly appreciated.

    Princeton, NJ

  28. Hey,

    got a new 2007 320 E-class. It shows a “bluetooth” option on the system window, and does detect any powered bluetooth phones around. The problem is it does disconnect after 5 seconds and does NOT connect at all after that. When I press the “call” button on the dashboard, it comes up with “please connect telephone” screen. WHY? how do I go around this? sent it to the dealership, it came back with another kit, also works via bluetooth, but with a different mic and a separate different button that they installed next to the gear stick!
    When it prompted for a passkey I keyed in 0000, then the phone asked me to key in a pass key, so I used the same, 0000. paired for these 5 seconds and that was about it. Phone is nokia E60.

    Thanks a bunch,

  29. Pookie SportCoupe May 19, 2007 at 1:02 am


    If it is a Comand aps installed on your benz, the bluetooth function is only used in order to pair with smartphones to download contact informations.
    Do you have the pre equipment phone ? ( cradle named UHI) if yes,you should try the new bluetooth module mentionned on the top of the page, i’ve juste installed it and it works perfectly with my 3 bluetooth phones : Sony-Ericsson W810i, K800i, W880i .

    Au revoir !

  30. To ‘Pookie SportCoupe”,

    I too have a K800i and am finding it very difficult to find a solution that allows me integrate my phone with the existing telephone interface. You say that there is a cradle now for the K800i and you also mentioned that the K800i is not SAP compatible? So it still works with the bluetooth interface? I have not got the Command APS installed in my car, only the standard UHI, do you think this makes a difference? I am trying to follow-up with my dealer but I’ve found this website far more helpful!

    Any further advice would be much appreciated.

    Kind Regards

  31. New S class wiyh pre installed motorola v3 cradle. When phone is placed in cradle, command shows “activating phone” which runs for about 15 seconds and then shows “telephone off”. Telephone on had already been selected in command. Any advice please.

  32. Pookie SportCoupe May 21, 2007 at 9:40 pm

    HI Euged,

    It doesn’t matter wether you have or not the Comand Aps, the most important is that your car is equipped with the UHI phone option ( option code 386 ?)
    Concerning the SAP compatibility, it means that the K800i is not working with the two previous bluetooth cradles but with the one mentionned on this page, it is the HPF capability. So you ‘ll have access to all the functions but the SMS are not available. You do have two choices : on one hand you choose the K800i cradle : all the features ( SMS included) but if you change your mobile phone, you’ll have to change by the way the cradle. Or you prefer the bluetooth cradle, like this, you can change your phone at any time , leave it on your pocket …
    The price in France is 268 euros for your information.


  33. Pookie SportCoupe May 21, 2007 at 9:50 pm

    To John Blackwood

    Hi, the fact is that the car is downloading you phone contacts and because of the 1450 contacts and details, your car’s memory is completely full.
    As you noticed, the multiple details like different phone numbers are all shown when you are consulting your contacts.
    As far as i’m concerned, you ‘ll have to dial directly on your phone if your contact is after K and there’s no workaround…


  34. I am reading about problems loading 1450 contacts into the bluetooth system of a Benz. I have a GL 450 and the bluetooth is working fine, but I must be missing something simple. Every time I try to transfer my address book from my blackberry pearl to my bluetooth in the vehicle, I get the message “tranfer failed – check your bluetooth instructions…” What am I missing in the basic attempt? I only have 100 or so contacts. Any help is appreciated.

  35. Pookie SportCoupe May 23, 2007 at 9:59 pm

    Hi Chuck,

    On you Mobile phone is there a menu concerning your attached devices ?
    Can you select MB Phonesystem and look what options are applied to this device, check if the option always authorize is enabled.


  36. I’m a commercial vehicle salesman (Mercedes) in Lincoln. just incase anyone was wondering, the bluetooth SAP cradle/adapter work in the MB Vito and Sprinter vans too. With command or radio upgrade to Sound 20 (standard in C & E class) They work with the Nokia N95 and 3250 too. Thank you Pookie SportCoupe, been waiting on K800i for ages!!! as usual the net is the best source of info!!

  37. Hi again everyone,

    I am still waiting to here from my MB dealer regarding the K800i cradle and the bluetooth SAP cradle adapter. I have been finding this website more useful than them!

    I got an email a little while ago from Daimler-Chrysler AG in Australia a little while ago (Dec 06) and they said to me that because the K800i uses the 3G network that they were not going to make a cradle for it. This has obviously changed, but for those techies out there, is the K800i different depending on the country we’re from. I’m from Australia?


  38. Hello bought a used 2004 E320 and didn’t realize it wasn’t wired for the integrated phone system. I’m not interested in paying $2500 the dealer wants to install. Any suggestions or alternate that might not be so expensive?


  39. Pookie Sportcoupe May 28, 2007 at 3:52 am

    Hi Euged,

    The K800i is the same all around the world, the made a k790i and a k800i in order to provide a 3G capable or not phone.

    To John,

    If you want a integrated wireless phone system, you can see Parrot, Nokia or Sony Ericsson products : they all have a sytem to connect by bluetooth with … Bluetooth phones. Like our integrated systems, you have the sound on you speakers and a small microphone. Very convenient and about 300 euros installed. Available worldwide !!


  40. Hi everyone! Wonder if someone could help me. Just bought a 2003 CLK and it currently has a cradle for a Nokia 6220, 6230, 6230i.

    If i bought the bluetooth cradle mentioned, could i just swap the cradles over to utilise my k800i?

    Many thanks

  41. a question re the BB devices, currently when I connect my phone to the command centre I can see and create txt from the services- Email option.

    With the new bluetooth option, would I be able to view my BB emails on the command system ?

    thanks in advance

  42. Pookie Sportcoupe June 8, 2007 at 12:13 am

    To Richard,

    All you have to do is to order the cradle and then swap it.
    With you K800i ( i have the same one ) you have 2 solutions : buy the K800i specific cradle or the Bluetooth cradle.

    On one hand you have all the features like reading and composing messages, in the other hand, you have a wireless connection but no accesses to your messages. On both solutions, no problems regarding your contact list.

    To Andy,
    I do not have A BB to test but i think that you’ll loose this function like we are not to create Sms anymore .


  43. Just got SLK with the new bluetooth cradle adaptor Part number B67875877 (UK) and trying to pair it with sony ericsson w810i. Pairs ok, can make and receive calls, but no phone book transfer. It says Phonebook loading but it doesnt do it. Similar with Nokia N73 – can make and receive calls but no phone book loading (not even an attempt).
    Any offers?
    And what phones will actually work with this thing?

  44. I just bought for £250 a bluetooth cradle to try to get my blackberry working . After an hour the service engineer got the phone working but it seems to bypass the Comand messaging and other facilities . The Navi addresses also seem to be in the phone book .
    I have left the problem with MB UK as this is all not good enough especially when other Bluetooth devices cost a few pounds and we have already paid for phone wiring

  45. I have just tried to connect my K610i with the Bluetooth module.

    Works well but does load my numbers from the SIM.

    Anyone else having this problem ?

  46. I am trying to pair my Blackberry 8100 Peal with the Benz bluetooth. The trouble is the phone gets recognised but I cant seems to pair it after keying the numbers into the phone. It simply comes back with “unable to pair MBxxxx. Is there a way to activate the remote sim option as in the Nokia phones?

  47. Just got ML with the new bluetooth Part number B67875877 (IT) and trying to pair it with Nokia N95 with SAP (remote SIM function). Pairs ok, can make and receive calls, but nothing is transferred. The problem is that the system take the connection as an headset and not as a carkit as it should even if the latter is set to default profile.
    I made several attempts and I came to the conclusion that the only hope would be a MB firmware upgrade. Does anybody know if it is something that use to happen and how can someone be aware of the update available?
    Many thanks in advance.

  48. Hi,

    Just received my New Mercedes C 220CDI !!!

    But problems with synchronization between Command APS & my mobile telephone : BlackBerry 8700v

    My current BlackBerry will not pair with the system via Bluethoot

    Thanks in advance for your support

    Best regards

  49. Hi!

    I have a 2006 S320 with phone kit installed, working with my Nokia 62301i in it’s cradle. I am thinking of upgrading my phone to a Nokia E65. Anybody got ideas / experience of how this can be done? I do not want to give up my contacts being accessible through the COMMAND screen but I can live without SMS in the car.


    Conn Clissmann – Dublin, Ireland

  50. Hello everyone,

    Just received my New Mercedes C 220CDI Sport Coupé and I bought a HPF Bluetooth adpador. I also have a nokia N70 mobile phone, and the synchronization it is ok (I can receive and answer call) but I cannot see my agent in the Command APS.

    Do you know the way of see my agent in the command?

    Is it problem of my mobile phone? MB says this mobile (nokia N70) is compatible with HPF Bluetooth…

    Any solution?? Update or install any application in my mobile phone??

    Thank you very much in advance for your support

    Best regards

    SoTiLLo – Málaga – Spain

  51. Sorry for my english… when I said “agent” I want to say “contacts”

    Excuse me for the inconvenience.

    SoTiLLo – Málaga-Spain

  52. I have bought the new mercedes E-class model 2007 with bluetooth sap adaptor. Can anybody tell me wheteher my nokia 6300 (sap 2.0) will be fully compatible with this adaptor (contacts, sms, phone contacts, sim contacts,…)

  53. Gaiex - Portugal June 27, 2007 at 4:59 pm

    Any one knows if the nokia N95 is compatible with the HFP module!?
    I read that someone sucessfully conected a N95 with the SAP module, but since this phone have almost everything, could also have HFP conectivity!?



  55. is the E65 nokia a SAP phone – I assume it is
    I have a 320cdi with prewiring for telephone which module should I get to connect to this phone I get the impression this might be the bluetooth SAP module or the cheaper blutooth module?

  56. I have an O2 Xda Flame- PDA PHONE with the latest Bluetooth version 2. It want pair with the telephone module installed in my 2006 SLK 350.

  57. To Terry – you posted the msg below
    Terry Davidson – April 4, 2007
    I’m going through this painful process on my new B180.
    The limit is, in fact, the capacity of your SIM card because
    SAP ( SIM Access Profile) will take the date from your SIM
    which is limited to 250 numbers. Note: not from data in memory
    so you need to transfer to SIM. New SIM cards should resolve this issue.

    My new Nokia E65 works fine put I have to re-pair every time I enter the car. Just trying to work around this.My E65 does ask me for a pass key but I do not know which pass key, as yet. Any ideas ?


    Have you found a solution to this problem? I am finding the same isse with my E65 in a ML320CDI

  58. Is there a limit to how many numbers are stored/transferred? I read earlier 1450 – is that contacts or numbers? I tried looking for official information but could not find it.

  59. Anyone had any luck pairing a iMate JasJam PDA phone running WM6 with SAP extensions & Jetware??

  60. Hi have C32 with fitted phone kit for Nokia 6310i. Would like to use my new Nokia E65 in car system does any one know how i go about doing this, what do i need to buy etc? I don’t mind bluetooth or cradle connection!

  61. I have a 2005 E Class with Integrated Telephone non comand. I have 1 6230i cradle fitted and wish to change my phone and like the Nokia N 95. Can I install the BT adaptor and have full use of the integrated features or what other options do I have ?


  62. I have CLK 240 – year 2004. I have new Nokia E65 and Bluetooth B67875877. Problem is – I can hear correctly and clear in my car but the caller from the other end keeps having bad echo on every word they say. They can hear me clearly but everything they say ( every word) bounces back to them as an echo, so therefore they do not want to call. these are business calls, so how I can get this fixed. No one seems to know how help me with this. Can you please help ? Suzanne

  63. Pookie Sportcoupe July 11, 2007 at 3:45 am

    Hi Suzanne,

    Did you tried with another phone ?
    Try to lower the volume of the phone, the echo is caused by the microphone as far as i’m concerned.


  64. thanks, but have tried that and all it does is quieten the echo but does not remove the echo from the callers end.. any other suggestions

  65. I am taking delivery of a pre wired 07 clk200. I have a Nokia N95 and need to know if this will work with my new car. what will I need to make it work?

  66. Hi,

    Does any phone sit directly into the armrest pre installed adapter?
    The terminal looks familar?

  67. Hi I am thinking about purchasing a new C class Merc Avante garde.
    I have a Blackberry 7130G will they work together?

  68. have problem with sync my htc tytn with mercedes bluetooth. it will not update phone book after initial entry.any one had the same problem

  69. I have a Merc R Class 320 CDi with COMAND, Bluetooth pre-wiring and the correct cradle for my NOKIA 6230i. My phone works fine when it is in the cradle, but I cannot then also pair up my wife’s NOKIA 6230 via the Bluetooth link while we are both in the car.

    It seems to pair ok, then drops the link. Also, it is not clear from the handbook which numbers / codes you need to ente to link succesfully.

    There seems little point having the Bluetooth function when it will not connect more than 1 device at a time. Having road tested the BMW 7 series before plumping for the Merc, I found the BMW bluetooth function superb – it auto-connected to any paired device when you got near the car, a real bonus if you’re both operating phones on a long drive. (However, the seats also crippled my back, hence going for the Merc!!).

    Any ideas?

  70. brian -s
    i am investigating a software pack. called jetware as i beleive that this could rectify our problem

  71. Hi

    In my Mercedes I was used Nokia 6310i and this model is deteminated wich other model Nokia I can replace ?

    pls help!!!

  72. Works the Nokia 6300 with the Phone Module with Bluetooth (SAP-Profil), Version together?
    BOX A204 820 05 35 PN B6787 6125
    Need I a special setup procedure?
    Mecredes try the setup, but until now it do not work.

  73. I have recently had the bluetooth module installed in my 06 500SL. I’m using a RAZR v3. Everything syncs up fine and connectivity is good in my garage but when on the road I have frequent dropped calls (2 to 3 in a 15 minute period). Is anyone else having this problem? I’m on cingular and have no problem with dropped calls with this phone otherwise.

    Would anyone reccomend a different phone for signal strength?

    Thanks in advance

  74. could you help me with my SAP telephone module and Nokia n95?

    It pairs up, but I’m unable to transfer the phone book (can only make and receive calls….)

    Pls help!

    Many thanks


  75. again on pairing N95 with SAP module, I forgot to say that the car is SLK with Command 50

    Sometimes it recognizes the SIM numbers (if I store only a few…), but never worked with the phone book

    I’m getting crazy about it…Is there anything to be done with the settings??

    Thank you again

  76. Help, I would like to use my Command Aps system to be able to play DVD movies. How does one activate this facility??


    Farouk (South Africa)

  77. Can any advise whether they have been able to successfully pair a blackberry 7100g Bluetooth® telephone module with SAP? I have a 2006 CLK which the dealership has been successfully able to pair the 7100g with telephone module to send and receive calls, but will not upload the SIM card phone directory. Is the 7100g’s Bluetooth SAP version different (or not present) to that of the 8700 series which has been certified by MB.

  78. Graeme Oliver (South Africa) August 13, 2007 at 12:44 pm

    I have just bought a C180K with a bluetooth adaptor and a nokia N70 and have the same problem as SoTiLLo – Málaga – Spain. My contacts don’t show up. The display say’s memory empty. I have no problems with pairing (the adaptor comes with a code which is not 0000). The dealer originally told me it some times takes 20 minutes for the contacts to transfer which I found strange. I have updated the firmware on my phone to the latest from the nokia website using nokia update. Still no luck.

  79. Hello,

    I have a problem viewing my contact details on an E550 the details are as follows:

    I have around 400 contacts on my Razr V3 phone which I sync with Microsoft outlook and works fine, on my phone I have a contacts that have a cell number, office numbers and home number, and I can differentiate these numbers for a particular contact by the appropriate icon ( ie for home, cell or office) that appears besides their names. I have synced the same ( using Bluetooth) with my E550, and all the contacts appear on the address book dashboard and I can make calls. The issue I am facing is there is no way I can differentiate between a particular contacts home, cell or office number as I do not see any icon besides their name.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you

    Johnson Ferrao

    Orlando Corporation
    905 677 5511 extn 369

  80. Pookie Sportcoupe, you appear to be the most knoledgeble source on Mercs telephone options. Of course you could just be out of business if Mercedes actual got their act together and produce a coms package that functions to the same standard as say the engine.
    I own a 2005 CLK 2.7 cdi had the wired car kit installed at the time of manuafacture. The phone model was Sony Ericisson 610i./ 630i Unfortunately the phones rarely last as long as the car leace. Sony 630i are no longer available and all the new sony, eq 750i have different connections. What do you suggets. bearing in mind that I will only keep the car another 5 months. Can these blue T option be transfered to a new merc in 5 months time.

  81. Hello,

    I have a bluetooth SAP in my B Class which is fully compatible with my Nokia 6280/ 6288 mobile. However, when I receive an SMS, the system notifies me but doesn’t allow me to view the message. And, subsequently the message is never delivered to my actual mobile. Very frustrating!

    I am in Australia and MB Melbourne hasn’t been able to help me with this prob – apparently our cars/ systems are not set up to read SMS’s… ?? Anyone had a similar issue? Would appreciate some advice.

  82. hi
    i have a mer clk 270 05 and its prewired for phone but i have a nokia 6300 anyone know what cradle i can get that will allow me to connect it or are mb going to produce one

  83. Pookie Sportcoupe August 22, 2007 at 10:44 am

    Hi Toby 10

    if you have the UHI option : time to install the cradle –> 15 seconds, time to configurate it with your phone –> about 1 minute

    The cradle is universal, I have about 4 Sony Ericsson mobile phones : K750i, K800i, W880i, W810i they alle work perfectly with the cradle.

    If you change your car ( if it is also a Benz) all you’ll have to do is placing the cradle on its new car : 30 seconds …

    Let me know if you need more informations .


  84. Hi

    I’ve read almost all the various queries but only one person mentioned a problem with receiving msgs while connected to the new Mercedes Module! Since I installed mine I’m not able to receive any txt messages while connected. It is very frustrating and I regret buying it unless somebody somewhere can explain why? I used to have the normal cradle for the Nokia 6230i and that was fine with receiving messages. Now that I paid £350 for this new technology I’m not able to receive any of the messages sent to me! where do they go? Not even Mercedes Benz could explain! Can you?

  85. Hi folks
    can anyone help? Bought a new ML last week with pre-wired phone and advised my wife to buy the Nokia 6300. I’m not in big trouble because I find that it is not approved. Does anyone have this handset working with the Bluetooth adaptor? If so which one do I need (SAP, HSP). HELP!!!!

  86. i picK up my new CL500 yesterday, and got the blue tooth adapter fiited as they do not do a cradle for the Nokia 6300.
    I have spent hours trying to get it working. You can pair it and see on the screen saying authorised, but it does not work. Does any one know what i am doing wrong or have i got to get in to a dealer to sort( i have also tried other phones, but it is the same.

  87. hi trying to find out the default bluetooth paas key code for a 05 clk uhi blueooth adapter can anyone help????.

  88. How to install it into my car. Do it need to plug into the cradle that i have installed in my car? Pls send me the technical installation manual so that I can check if my car can use the same. Thanks

  89. Mercedes bluetooth module UHI interface with HTC tytn not pairing. I see only code of eight numbers and not 16 code numbers as described in manual. I have many problems to use my HTC Tytn with mercedes benz bluetooth module. Please anyone have the same problem ?

  90. Hello All, I have a 2006 CLS 500 in the US. I spent $2500 to upgrade the vehicle to have the phone system (not originally included in this particluar car) and the Razr Cradle. I had a Moto Razr V3c with US Cellular Service. When connected, the audio quality to anyone I was talking to was absolute CRAP. I was then told that it was my service. I then changed carriers to Cingular AT&T as I was told this is the best for Merc. Guess what, still sounds like garbage on the other end. All my callers tell me I sound muffled. ANyone else experience this. Please HELP!!!

  91. Hi all, I have an E220 CDi (2007) with a built in handsfree system, I got the cradle for the Nokia 6230i, the phone works fine except for two issues:
    1. Calls from the phone (through the computer) are sent as anonymous
    2. Speed dials are cahnged by the computer

    If I dial no.’s through the phone (while in the cradle) both issues are resolved, this is obviously not ideal. Has anybody else had this problem & can anybody help with a solution??


  92. I already connect my mobile phone with telephone module, so please explain to me how can i transfer all my data from my mobile to my mercedes telephone module

  93. I have an E350 with a blackberry 8800 and it continues to receive the error message “Hands Free Connection to MB phonesystem is failed”. It was actually working for three weeks and then it just stopped.

    Can anyone help?

  94. I have a mb phone system bluetooth. It worked wlll with the v3 but then i had to change to lg prada and, although it recognizes the phone, it does not import the sim or phone contacts. any one knows if it´s possible to solve the problem?

  95. Hello,

    I have the new phone from Nokia the ‘E90 communicator’.
    I shall want to know if the gsm is compatible with the system bluethoot HPF profil ? Perhaps, if it’s compatible with Nokia E61, 61 and E70,he could work ?

    Thanks for a respons.

  96. Hello,

    I have a Treo 750 w/ msn and it will connect to the hands free but will not bring up the phone book. Any solutions?

  97. I have a Mercedes phone system bluetooth. I had a V3 and everything worked great. Lost the V3 and got a V3xx, phone hooks up fine but it did not import the address book. Is there a way to get this done?

  98. I have the same problem like Rui Silva with my lg prada.Can the problem be solved or its the phone its not full compatible.

  99. I just bought a 2008 clk350 that came with “prewired integrated phone” the dealer tells me it’s another $2500 9what I paid for the entire wiring of my 2003 c230. I can’t belive that it’s the same when the car come prewired? Any help will do.

  100. I have a 2006 S class that came with a Motorolla phone. The cradle is always coming loose so the screen reads telephone not inserted. Countless times my tech tightened it up. No avail… Finally got the Bluetooth telephone module, but due to the need for a smartphone with infrared and touch screen for eKey software installation, I’m limited to to the Treo 750, Treo 700wx, Treo 700w (word is Treo doesn’t do well), HP iPAQhw6900 series, PPC6700, Mogul, MDA, XV-6700, 8528 or HTC4300. My signal strength is nonexistent within a mile of my home. Any suggestions which of these phones might have the strongest signal strength AND work with my new Bluetooth cradle? Thanks!

  101. I have a 2006 S class that came with a Motorolla phone. The cradle is always coming loose so the screen reads telephone not inserted. Countless times my tech tightened it up. No avail… Finally got the Bluetooth telephone module, but due to the need for a smartphone with infrared and touchscreen for eKey software installation, I’m limited to to the
    Treo 750, Treo 700wx, Treo 700w (word is Treo doesn’t do well), HP iPAQhw6900 series, PPC6700, Mogul, MDA, XV-6700, 8528 or HTC4300. My signal strength is nonexistent within a mile of my home. Any suggestions which of these phones might have the strongest signal strength AND work with my new Bluetooth cradle? Thanks!

  102. Windows Mobile 5.0 useres can install JETWARE ( ) and using the extentions can succesfuly connect to their mersedes cars. This is a major problem for mercedes owners as the compatible phones are old and lame. Most bluetooth phones will connect but call only. Needed is also : phnebook download, recent dialed calls, recent received calls etc. I have susecfuly used JETWARE on my palm 750 with my 2007 slk 55 amg with usa bluetooth module (hfp) but needed is simmilar software to activate extentions for more functionality.

    Can U create a simmular app to offer Hands-free Extension that provides additional functionality to the built-in Symbian os support for the Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile. The Extension would allow hands-free devices to:

    Read contacts from the Outlook phonebook (“ME” phonebook)
    Read contacts from the SIM (“SM” phonebook)
    Read the list of dialed calls from the call history (“DC” phonebook)
    Read the list of received calls from the call history (“RC” phonebook)
    Read the list of missed calls from the call history (“MC” phonebook)
    Filter contacts from Outlook phonebook based on Outlook contact categories
    Limit number of contacts returned from any phonebook
    Activate Microsoft Voice Command 1.5 or 1.6 voice dialing over Bluetooth
    Use custom ringtones through your Bluetooth device
    Show battery charge level
    Show signal strength
    Show roaming status
    Display carrier name
    Read message headings from ActiveSync, SMS, or other mail provider
    New message notification
    Delete messages
    Read SIM serial number (used to automatically select display language)
    Read GSM phone IMEI number
    Read phone default phone number
    Read current time from phone
    Improved Caller ID
    Beam multiple contacts to your hands-free device at once

  103. I’m using a Palm 700P and it connects fine. Shows Favorites. Works well. The problem is I need to Pair every time and key in that code. Does anybody have any ideas on how to get this thing to work without enterting the code every time?

  104. Dear sir
    I buy a mercedes car model E350 -2006.
    my car have mobile phone holder equipment but I dont have mobile phone holder kit to conect mobile phone is sonyericsson model W850i.
    would you please sen me your offer?
    best regards
    Ali zarei

  105. I just bought a C350 and it comes standard with bluetooth. I have a pearl 8100 and have been trying to connect it with no luck. The phone finds the car, but the car doesn’t find the phone. When I ask the car to find devices, it says nothing found. To double check my sanity, I just connected my pearl to two other bluetooth devices. I hope you aren’t going to tell me need to buy something else to make this thing work… help!

  106. “119. Marty Klinger – December 15, 2007
    I just bought a C350 and it comes standard with bluetooth.”

    Yes, I just bought the 2008 C300 yesterday and my Blackberry won’t sync with it. Had the dealers hotshot tinker with it for a half hour, no success. My next step is to go to Verizon and ask them for help. Not expecting any and will probably need to buy a new Blackberry model. Wifeys 3 month old Razor will sync, but will not upload her address book. I didn’t know I’d need to buy two phones to work in the car.

  107. I have a w210 E220 cdi with phone kit installed and craddle on the dashboard. I would like to upgrade to bluetooth kit. Can I get a craddle or flylead to replace the existing craddle to connect the bluetooth module

  108. @Paul, Im having the same problem with the speed dials. Did you find any solution? I read at a few places that the numbers need to be saved on SIM rather than on the phone to be accessible on the COMAND.

    @Prasanth, try saving the numbers on SIM (instead of the phone) and then dial 0000 from COMAND. It should transfer the entries from your SIM to mercedes telephone module.

  109. I have a GL 450 and recently upgraded from a Razr to a Blackberry Curve. While the Bluetooth connection works, I don’t see my addressbook. Is there anyway to manage this issue?

  110. I have an LG Prada phone too (see Manu and Rui Silva), is there any solution ????

    I have a mb phone system bluetooth. It worked wlll with my motorola but then i had to change to lg prada and, although it recognizes the phone, it does not import the sim or phone contacts. Can no longer use the radio controls to control phone. Any one knows if it´s possible to solve the problem?

  111. I have the MB bluetooth kit that comes with the new C-Class, and i couldn’t get my blackberry 8700g to pair at all – eventually I upgraded to the 8800 thinking the upgraded software would work which still doesn’t.

    Is therebody with the same issue and had a workable solution?

  112. ok I now have 2 mecedes 0n 04 sl and a 03 c class, both of them have a motorola cradle phone and now that they r no longer 911 compatible when i updated the phones i cant get one that goes in this car cradle. does anybody know of a phone that is compatible with this cradle that mercedes uses?

  113. I have a 2005 SLK 350 but it won’t pair with my new Palm Treo 755p cell while my old Treo 650 did. Any suggestions on getting them to pair up?

  114. I Purchased the Mercedes Benz Bluetooth module last year and am now looking to pair my new phone but have unfortunately lost the pass key/code information for the module.

    Does anyone know if there is a reset or way of checking through MB if i can change the pass key?

    Look forward to any help / information..

  115. Is there any one who can help me, I am trying get my Blackberry pearl working in my 07 C-Class , I have installed my new MB bluetooth device but I can not make a call hands free despite pairing being sucsessfull on the phone. The car seams to have picked up the Blackberry but comes up telephone error on the radio screen and no numbers from my phone are stored.

    Can any one help a techno phobe!!

  116. I just bought a new 08 ML in Ireland and have spend the past three days going back and forth from the dealer trying to get the car kit to pair with my phone. at this stage i have changed phones, got a new SIM, still cannot get it to work. you would think that a brand such as Mercedes-Benz could sort out this simple problem. i am on my way back to the dealer to get my money back for the car kit. i have wasted 3 days and I am stressed. going to buy a Nokia car kit. Suggest you all do the same and don’t waste your time like i have……………….

  117. Hi guys,
    Hopefully you can help me, I’m in Australia and own an 07 ML320CDI with Command 2.0. I’ve just bought the Bluetooth Cradle (Part B67875877) and would like to know if you guys can give me an idea of how to install it, and the compatability with my car and phone (Nokia E51).

    Any help is much appreciated.

  118. Hi Guy,

    I have a 08 CLK350, but I don’t know where and how I can install the bluetooth module, party no. B6-7-87-5878. I am sure my car is pre-wired for phone and has the command system. I would like to know how the module can be installed before I purchase the it. Please help!!!!

  119. Hi, just got a CLS500 and looking to purchase a MB Bluetooth device to operate with my Blackberry 8100 Pearl – can anyone confirm that this can be done successfully, including using/downloading the address book.

    Many Thanks.

  120. I have just bought the MB67875877,37000 phone cradle for the 57 new c class.
    I can pair the device, but once paired the led light goes off on the cradle and i cannot transfer address book. i have a blackberry 8310

  121. I’m just catching on to Mercedes scam. We bought new, a 2007 CLK 350 with premium level 3 which includes phone “pre-wiring”. Similar to post #112, we are shocked that pre-wiring doesn’t include over $2000 of additional wiring and components to allow you to plug in the Bluetooth puck. Someone in an earlier post alluded to an option code #386 being required, which is perhaps all this additional pre-wiring. But what then is the pre-wiring included with the premium package? No broshure, or the online option list on Mercedes own website, even mentions an option code #386. It implies that if you are pre-wired, all you need is the phone cradle/bluetooth adapter. Mrecedes USA is saying there’s nothing wrong with their practices and the dealer is playing dumb. I’m preparing a small claims lawsuit for false advertising. Has anyone else been caught by this scam?

  122. Hi Terry,

    I am so sorry to hear that. How did you find out your car is not pre-wired? Please keep me updated.

  123. Hi, i have a European CLK 200, 2003 (W209) witch is prewired but do not have any cradle. As far as i am concerned i have three options:
    1. SAP Cradle (Part Number A2048200535) (bluetooth compatible with many phones but not all)
    2. HPF Cradle (Part number B67875877) (bluetooth compatible with many phones but not all)
    3. UHI cradle for Nokia 6310i (Part number B67875822) (must use Nokia 6230i).
    Obviously the best solution is to use the options 2 or 1 above but i am not sure if it is compatible with my car (i really do not mind for the phone compatibility) Can anybody confirm if it is compatible with 2003 built CLK in europe?

  124. I have a C300 4matic and a LG 8700 phone. I’m having trouble pairing my cell with my car. I went to the dealership and still nothing. Can anybody confirm if it is compatible?

  125. Hi Everybody,

    Thanks for creating this very informative blog. I had just purchase an E-Class 200 kompressor (2003) yesterday. The car have a Nokia phone installed but I’m not able to use the phone. It requires a pin code. Where can I get the pin code?

    The seller still can find any information about the pin code, the phone works fine with his T-mobile sim card that was installed by his company when he bought the E-class from the Mercedes dealer. Appreciate your advise. FYI, I have all the document (eg. manuals, car info and numbers of books).
    Thank you,
    Kindest regards,

  126. Hi Everybody,

    Thanks for creating this very informative blog. I had just purchase an E-Class 200 kompressor (2003) yesterday. The car have a Nokia phone installed but I’m not able to use the phone. It requires a pin code. Where can I get the pin code?

    The seller still cannot find any information about the pin code, the phone works fine with his T-mobile sim card that was installed by his company when he bought the E-class from the Mercedes dealer. Appreciate your advise. FYI, I have all the document (eg. manuals, car info and numbers of books).
    Thank you,
    Kindest regards,

  127. I have the Blackberry Curve 8310 and an ML320 (2007) that pair nicely but I can’t get the phone book to load to the car. Any suggestions???


  128. Hi, just one quick question:

    Does this Bluetooth® Hands Free Profile (HFP) supports Sony Ericsson W910i? Thanks very much!

  129. Anyone know the pass key for Sony Ericsson phones? My K850i can see the MB cradle but asks me to type in a pass key which I do not know. Have tried the usual suspects (0000, 9999, 1234 etc.) to no avail.

  130. Pass key for K850i is 62872. You need to add handsfree from the phone, not the other way round (and you’ll likely need to try a gazillion times before the phone finds the cradle!)

  131. I’ve had quite a few dealings with this and eventually found out the following:-

    E90 will work with merc part no. mb67875877 (£250) using Bluetooth HFP. However you will not get access to your contacts via the console.

    To have access to your contacts you need merc part no. B6 787 5838 (this has a handset) or B6 787 5840 (just a bluetooth “box”) both around £350. These support HFP and SAP.

    Hope it helps some people!


  133. Hi,

    I just bought a C240 2006. It is a Certified Preowned vehicle. I cant seem to get my Motorola Q 9c phone to work. I am new at this, so dont know if I am doing something wrong. Here is what I have tried: turned the engine on, turned on the phone by pressing the Power knob and then on Tel button. The display besides the speedometer says ‘No Tel’. I turned on bluetooth on my cell phone and configured it to connect using Bluetooth Hands Free. The phone keeps searching for bluetooth device but never finds one.

    I have read few posts and people say that there is a cradle i have to put my phone in – where exactly is this cradle in the car? do I have to buy it seperately?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


  134. Asad,

    If your C240 is equipped with a factory-installed handsfree phone kit, the phone cradle is located in the armrest between the driver and front passenger seats. If the cradle is not universal, which will enable you to get an adapter to connect your phone to the cradle, you will have to buy a Mercedes bluetooth adapter. The bluetooth adapter will fit into the cradle like a phone. You then follow the directions to synch your phone to the adapter. One drawback to this method is that you can’t charge your phone through the car unless you connect it to a car charger for your phone. Also, as you can see from some of the posts, the features you can use depend upon your phone. Hope this helps.

  135. Adam,

    The passcode in my bluetooth adapter manual is 62872. It’s probably a universal code. Hope it works for you.

  136. I own a c class 9/2004 new facelift. How i would know if can connect the Mercedes HFP Bluetooth Cradle to the armrest. Pls send pics if any available to be more easy to undrestand.

  137. has anyone figured out yet that the MB bluetooth is a fraud, scam, and ridicuoous.

    engineered like no other car…. I agree, for this much money maybe the bluetooth should work.

    Have tried to sync four different phones, four different brands, etc etc

    Frustration frustration

    Manual probably should say now that you have spent the money, buy another bluetooth ear piece because you just got scammed

  138. I have just bought a 2008 ML350. I also bought the bluetooth puck although there is a couple of really annoying features (or lack of features)

    Firstly, after you park the car and switch off the ignition the phone remains connected to the car so if you do not go beyond the bluetooth range (ie the distance from your garage and your house). If someone calls you cannot speak with your phone as the car is still connected. Does anyone know whether this is configurable to automatically disconnect when the ignition is switched off?

    The other problem is the phone system within the car sometimes randomly disconnects from the phone as you are driving along?

  139. Hi, it says in my book that the phone remains connected for about ten minutes after you turn off the ignition

  140. Hi, I have a 2007 S350. i would like to use bluetooth technology to pair my mobile phone. I presently use a Nokia E50 and am looking to upgrade to an E51. Is the MHI Bluetooth Interface Module the way to go? What is the difference between that, the Bluetooth telephone module with SAP, and the The Bluetooth® (HFP) telephone module?

  141. I bought my car and had a v3 for my razor installed. now I have a smrt phone and cant get the bluetooth to sync . It asks for a code and I enter the code and says invalid, ??? what to do? just want to talk, answer ,dial. not asking for much

  142. Does anyone know how to pair a Verizin vx6800? I just bought an e350 yesterday and I work for a cell phone provider and I can’t figure it out. Very anxious to see if it works.



  143. i have 230 clk 56 plate with a phone cradle for nokia 6320 and want to upgrade my phone. is there a device i can use which is bluetooth which would would work with bluetooth phones.

  144. Is there a pass code for my bluetooth module? I can’t remember it if there is one. Is there a default code or how can get my new phone to connect to my bluetooth? The last phone (Nokia) was working fine but the guy at MB did the connection for me. This time I have a HTC

  145. Hi there, I have a Motorola Q which I cannot get to pair with my bluetooth handsfree for our ML320CDI. It finds the MB Handsfree, I put in the pin number but it won’t pair. Any suggestions?

  146. Problem with MB bluetooth and Sony Ericsson K750 mobile in my new C sports coupe. Pair OK and I can make calls (by dialling from dashboard keyboard) and receive calls but car system cannot see my contacts stored on phone. Any suggestions? Thank you

  147. Hi Suzanne,

    Are the contacts stored on the sim card or on the internal memory ?
    Anyway you also need to wait for a moment in order to see your contacts …


  148. Nigel / Anyone,

    I read you where able to connect your Nokia N 95 to your MB. I have a Nokia N 95 and a 2007 ML 350. I was able to pair the phone with the COMMAND system, but it will only make and receive calls and display received and dialled numbers. It does not download my contacts from my phone or SIM card.

    I read you where able to download your contacts by simply dialling “0000” how do you do this correctly, please provide me a step by step guide.

    My Nokia N 95 also has a Remote SIM Access Mode, is there anyway this can help me transfer my contacts to the COMMAND system.

    Anyway you can help will be appreciated.



  149. Hi all
    I am using Nokia E90, and I got my ML-350 with a bluthooth (addon) P/N# A-204-820-05-35

    I spent 3 hours, trying to get both connected (pairing) via the bluetooth but with no LUCK 🙁

    Can you pls. anyone help me how to make it work, thanks

  150. Everybody / Nigel / Anyone,

    I read you where able to connect your Nokia N 95 to your MB. I have a Nokia N 95 and a 2007 ML 350. I was able to pair the phone with the COMMAND system, but it will only make and receive calls and display received and dialled numbers. It does not download my contacts from my phone or SIM card.

    I read you where able to download your contacts by simply dialling “0000″ how do you do this correctly, please provide me a step by step guide.

    My Nokia N 95 also has a Remote SIM Access Mode, is there anyway this can help me transfer my contacts to the COMMAND system.

    Anyway you can help will be appreciated.



  151. Have a 07-S550 with a pre-wired, cradle for cell phone, bought the $700.00 Nokia phone from Wireless Technology(approved by Mercedes) phone reception is lousy. Do I have to have a certain phone to get a good recpetion. Please help. Have done bluetooth, but want to leave phone installed.

  152. Interesting reading about problems people are having connecting their Blackberry Pearls, I too am having troubles…

    I have a Mercedes E-Class 320, and I have been trying to pair a Blackberry Pearl 8100 through bluetooth with little success and I was hoping someone could tell me where I have been going wrong.

    I have been following the manual as best I can, so…

    I have the key in the car and the COMAND Console on.

    I intially do a search on the Blackberry for devices through bluetooth which finds the car,

    On the Car I then go into the Bluetooth and search for Mobile phones and finds the Blackberry (at this point has the square box next to it without being filled), I press ok on the console and am prompted to enter a passcode, so I enter one.

    I am then prompted on the Blackberry to enter the passcode which i do so the car and the phone are paired.

    The COMAND console then says ‘connected’ as expected, but after a few seconds then says ‘not connected’.

    The bluetooth on the handset is permenantly turned on .

    I have tried deleting the car from the Blackberry and vice versa then re pairing the device, with no success.

    Could someone please tell me if I have missed something blantant out, or offer me their instructions to pair a phone to the car (as I havent found the instructions to be very helpful, otherwise I would have done this by now!) or perhaps I need a further piece of kit for the connection to remain?

    Please let me know your thoughts.
    In advance, thank you for reading and any help or feedback will be greatly recieved.

    Kind Regards,

  153. I’m having the same issue as Andi, I have a Blackberry Pearl 8120 and just bought the MB Bluetooth SAP (V2) adapter. I get as far as entering the 16 digit PIN via COMAND and then it fails to pair.

    This is so frustrating, I know there are a limited number of SAP compatible phones but I’m not that interested in copying my address book etc. The additional functionality I’m after with the SAP phone is to take advantage of all the pre-wiring e.g. using the car antenna for better reception, otherwise I’d have chosen the HFP bluetooth adapter.

    The only workaround I have is take the SIM card out of the phone and put it in the SAP adapter every time I take the car out.

    If anyone knows how I can pair these devices then please post a solution otherwise its going on eBay.


  154. I have a 32ocls pre wired for phone with command. It has the MB bluetooth module fitted in the cradle. It worked perfectly with a nkia 6300 but with an E51 it will not download contacts or missed calls etc. Has anyone any suggestions how to solve it , Nokia says its an MB problem and MB says its a nokia problem!

  155. I had a 2006 factory installed Motorolla hands free systemin my S class. Phone got old fast…. Replaced module with Bluetooth and bought a new Motorolla Krazer. All is well, but I feel by the end of the day, competing with the fan from the A/C etc. that I’m hoarse and exhausted.
    I want to buy one of those little buds that seem very clear and easy on the vocal chords. Is there a way to utilize my new bluetooth module, silence the speaker built into the car, and still use my address book,etc. but just not have to shout at my mirror all day long. Thanks in advance for any advice. Carol Westerman

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  157. Will I be able to use my Motorola V3 with the MB Bluetooth cradle HFP (part B67875877)?

    If not, I assume my only option is to purchase the V3 cradle (part B67875868).

    Any help will be very much appreciated.

  158. Gavin Robertson May 21, 2008 at 3:53 am


    Same issue as many of you have had, so hopefully someone has got the fix.

    Blackberry 8110 can locate MB bluetooth car kit in my C-class but following entry of passcode ‘62872’ it advises that it cannot pair.

    All help welcome..

  159. Sprint Palm Treo 700 works perfectly with Bluetooth in my 2008 E320 Bluetec. Sound quality is great.
    Thanks, Philip

  160. I also can’t get the Nokia N82 address book to download to the HFP adapter. Any tips anyone?

  161. found an answer June 26, 2008 at 6:09 am

    First, when trying to pair a Blackberry 8310 (or any other bluetooth phone) have the phone find the car, not the other way around. Set the phone to find the bluetooth device. Once it finds “MB Bluetooth” the phone will require a code – any 4 digit number will suffice. You then need to put the same 4 digit code into the C300 when it request it.

    Once they pair you are good to go. One my Blackberry 8310 when you pair a new device it request approval to sync each time you turn on the car. To avoid that and have it sync automatically select YES on the approval and select the check box for the question “Don’t ask question again”.

    Finally, for the address book – Find the “MB Bluetooth” device in the Manage Connections area of the phone and then find the the menu choice “Transfer Address Book”. You also need to find in the ADDRESS BOOK in the C300 the menu choice of IMPORT VCARDS. Go back to the Blackberry and select the choice “Transfer Address Book. It will give you a message that says “Waiting for MB Bluetooth”. Once you see that message select the IMPORT VCARDS on the COMAND system in the C300. It will show you a menu of how many contacts were imported… For me it imports all my contacts (over 100) from my Blackberry without any issues….

  162. I am also having problems connecting a 8100 with my Merc bluetooth system. It worked fine with my 7100 but with the 8100 it connects but then an exeption error appears on the handset and it locks up. The only way I can disconnect them is to go away from the car and remove the battery.
    Its very annoying I have tried time and time again to pair them which works, it finds the handset then when I try to look at the phone book it just says processing.
    Any ideas?

    I also saw that some people have trouble loading the whole phone book, i.e. it sticks at the letter K
    I had this problem and fixed it on my old 7100. If you have an email mailing group as a contact it will not load anything past it. I had a team group email which I renamed at Z Team so it sits at the end of the address book and hey presto the whole address book loads. Any address book entry that has more than one member confuses it.

  163. I have a mercedes C200 Kompressor, i get to the point of pairing and the benz sees my mobile but i just can get it to operate, any ideas?

  164. Hi , I own a Mercedes-Benz 2006 CLS 350

    The console has a built in blue tooth adapter , just want to know what the approved List of mobile phones that’s compatable with the unit

    If you can forward on the link , or just the list of compatable Nokia phones .

    Regards Leon

  165. I have just taken delivery of a Mercedes S320CDi and I opted for the SAP2 bluetooth cradle option. I cannot get it to pair with Sony Ericsson K800i, K770i or K810i.

    After carrying out the suggested procedures the message on the COMAND screen says dialling and it dials a long number, followed by a message ‘network busy’. I have tried this on more than 15 occassions, with the same result.

    Any suggestions?

  166. Sorry to bother all of you, but I recently purchased a 2001 MB SLK 320

    I understand that the Tri-Band phone in the car does not meet today’s standards on 911

    All the Web sites I find show a Motorola V60 Bluetooth for 2002-2004 MB’s

    What can I do – if anything?

    Thanks in advance


  167. I have a 2003 S430 and I want to add the complete setup can you reccommend a site for purchase and installation.

  168. OK, I just bought the Puck/Tail from ebay for 375.00 and I did the install myself in 5 minutes on my 2004 E320. The funny thing was for the last three years my SA at Mercedes Benz in San Diego would only tell me that it would cost 3000.00 to have a bluetooth phone in my car. We I thought all was lost until I started checking out these forums.
    If you have a 03, 04 or 05 E Class, or S Class you can get this.
    The Part Number from Mercedes Benz is B67875855. This has a plug that fits into the harness under your center arm rest. The Center Arm rest has two torx screws on the bottom and four on the top inside of the console. Once you remove these you can pull up the false bottom and you will see the Harness. Plug the connector to the harness and that is it.
    Press the bluetooth button and it will start flashing. then you can pair it with your Bluetooth phone. I paired both of my Blackberry’s (7100) and (7250). Now here is the big trick. You need to go to your dealer and have them perform the coding. Almost everyone I have seen in the posts have had nightmares with the Service techs.
    I called my dealership and said I wanted to make an appointment and they said ok and I explained what I wanted to do. they said bring it in.
    So, I get to the dealership armed with a stack of paperwork from the different forums. Remember to tell these specific words.
    “I need my System updated or Coded to the most current version” Some Techs will look at you and ask why and all you say is “I bought an Genuine Mercedes Benz part and I want my car updated so that it works.
    With in 10 minutes I had 3 techs and a SA watching all saying that it wont work becuase my car “WASNT PREWIRED”!!!!
    Opps, in 15 minutes my Tech go the whole system updated and my phone worked great. The sterring wheel controls, keypad everything works great. The sound quality is excellent and the whole thing connects to the Tele Aid ineterface.
    The best part was that the Tech didnt charge me anything and said that Mercedes benz is supposed to provide updates to all of their hardware that they sell and customers were NOT EVER to pay for a software update.
    SO BE ON YOUR GUARD, According to Mercedes Benz if you buy a Genuine Mercedes part than they must update the coding with the Star Computer system. They will connect a cable to your Mercedes and it hooks into the diagnostic and that is it.
    I hope this helps those of you who have a 03,04 or 05 E or S class.

  169. hi all,

    i have a iPhone 2G and B67875877Kit in MB-R320. Worked fine at first try.

    Question 1: is there any information of the contact capacity of the MB computer? i have some 1490 contacts, but my MB shows only until letter “M”
    I do not have Group-Email Contacts with multiple person in one contact

    Question 2: my contacts are sorted by First Name, can it be changed to Last Name?

    THX and regards from Austria/Europe

  170. For Soph B Class and Guido: The MB SAP Bluetooth module takes over the sim from your phone. On Audio 20 you will not be able to read incoming txts, but they are not lost, they are stored on the phone’s sim as ‘sim messages’ and there will be a process to read them. On a Nokia with Symbian 60, you go to inbox, options, sim messages, and you have to copy them to the inbox (bit you cannot do any of that while the phone is connected to the car, because the car has control of the sim). It is frustrating, because the car tells you you have a message, but you will have to turn off Bluetooth (so it disconnects) then copy and read the sim message, then turn BT back on and wait for the reconnect. I recently borrowed a ML with COMAND (previous to the current facelift – Edition10 era). On that car, with my BT module installed, I could read and send txts from COMAND. It was enough to have me seriously considering burning 15K updating …

  171. I have the HFT blue tooth adapter on my E Class that worked fine until recently. I can not locate the manual and need to pair the device again. Does any one know the default numeric code?

  172. Just boughta B67875877 Cradle Adapter which pairs with my Sony Ericson C902 but as soon as I use the telephone the pairing disappears! Is the telephone incompatible with the Adapter?

  173. Updated to a Blackberry Curve 8330 in my 08 E320 Bluetec. Phonebook, controls and sound quality are great.
    Regards, Philip

  174. My friends ,

    I need some help. I have bought a Mercedes Benz Cradle adapter with Bluetooth® wireless technology and i am trying to connect my N95 with it. This cradle can work either with the Sim card or with the bluetooth. I have try it with the Sim and its working fine. Now i am trying to connect it with blutooth to my phone. In order to do that first of all i must pair the devices. I know how to do that. Search the new pair device with my n95 and connect it. When i do that i need a pairing password to put in my phone. Unfortunately when they have provide me with the cradle they did not give me the specific password so i can not pair it. Can any one tell me how can i find that ? Please help me ;(

  175. For Andreas: I am not sure if this applies to your BT module, but assuming you have one of the SAP modules, I think you may be initiating the pairing incorrectly. The pairing is initiated from the car (and the code is provided by the car) as follows:

    Turn on bluetooth on the phone, and if there is a menu item to enable SAP (or Remote Sim Access, or similar) ensure that is on, and that the phone is visible. Put the COMAND or Audio system onto ‘Telephone’ menu.
    Press the mercedes Star button on the SAP cradle (or in the case of the handset version, push the button on the side) for about 5-10 seconds unitl the blue light starts flashing rapidly. The cradle is searching for devices in range. After a while, the audio system screen will look like it is connected – look in the call history (up and down arrows) and you will find your phone there, press the call button to make a call to it, and a 16 digit (8 pairs of 2 digits) will be displayed on the audio system. (Note that on Audio 20 you will not be able to see the first two digits, but in my experience they are always ’11’) Wait for the phone to ask for the pass code, then enter the 16 digits. Now you will hear a rising tone (success), wait until the system pairs again with the phone.
    Ensure you set the pairing in the phone to ‘trusted’ or ‘automatically pair’.

    This works for the V1 Bluetooth SAP module. I have not used V2 but would guess it is similar.

  176. Hi
    Please, can anyone let me knwo how to make this Bluetooth pairing working with my Nokia E90; I got ML350(2006) with COMMOAND 20
    I can not find the passcode? it only give me a 16 Long Number which will never Work !!


  177. I have purchased a motorola razr v3i phone and want to buy the blue tooth module, but i am hearing that they may not be compatable and also a code is required. i presume i obtain the code when i purchase the module. Would i be better of purchasing the cradle holder in stead of the bliuetooth module

  178. I have a terrific 2008 CLK 350 with COMAND, cell phone prewiring, etc. I now have a new ATT Fuze phone (HTC Touch Pro) that uses the SAP protocol. My dealer tells me that installing a phone kit is $2000+ and he cannot guarantee that the phone will work. Is this correct? Is there no reasonable way to get this fancy phone and fancy car to communicate? I appreciate any suggestions.

  179. Hi, I have purchased a E320 sept 2005 and I have a Nokia E71. Which Kit do I need to enable full function on the car kit (part number). Is there anybody who can point me in the right direction. Cheers.

  180. Just traded my Lexus ES for the 2009 c300. Features that work are great. Too bad the electronics are so inferior. No way to export vCard with my iphone? No way to enter addresses manually? The dealer wasted my time thinking they could do it. What an archaic car!

  181. Mauricio New customer c280 MB March 4, 2009 at 2:18 pm

    I had a new c280 and when I try to pair my IPHone version 2G the telephone is already connect and paired but I can not see my contact list in the screen and I can not see any number and I have to dial manually, the numbers appaers when I received a call but not my contact list , does anybody knows how to download my contact list into the system and see my numbers????

  182. hi all
    i have C CLASS 2006 and i want tou use the bluetooth and my mobile ia Nokia N95 8G its connect about 5 seconed then its disconnect againe and my car have something in the bluetooth with this name (UHI-SN0524)

  183. HI Chaps,

    I have a Merc 220 with the blue tooth capability. It will sync with any other phone I like, but NOT my Blackberry 8800! I have tried everything.

    The garage said its tricky and that I needed to take it in, but only so they could “play” with it to sort it out. Surely I should be able to do this myself??


  184. I have a 2006 ML500 and just got new phone. I can’t pair them because I don’t have the passkey required. Can anyone help?

  185. Do I need a console in my MB if I have bluetooth on the menu and on my blackberry curve? HELP…my phone is not connecting

  186. hi! when i connect my cell to the bluetooth of my c300 sports (2008), they can hear me from my end. there is no sound transmitted. but i can hear them perfect. please help

  187. I am considering buying a pre-owned 2006 ML350. I have had 2 Lexus’ and been spoiled with bluetooth. I have an HTC Touch phone that works perfectly with my currect Lexus GS300.

    If I get the 06 ML350 will my phone work with bluetooth? It looks like the vehicle is pre-wired for it. It has the steering wheel buttons and has navigation and the entertainment package…. But will my phone work? HELP!

    I am looking to make this purchase this Thursday (5/21/09), unless my phone doesn’t work. Then I need to find a different SUV to buy.


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  189. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

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  191. Hello

    I have an older telephone module (B6 787 5840) and a COMMAND APS and a brand new HTC Touch PRO2. The old SL75 works fine, but the HTC won’t pair! Anyone an Idea?


  192. Hi. I have a Benz with a bluetooth cradle and a Nokia E90 phone. I just managed to get the two connected with the passcode/passkey 62872. I don’t know why on the earth THIS passkey works but it did so thank you very much whoever gave me this information.

  193. I have a 2007 E350 and the iphone.

    I bought the V60 adapter with blue tooth. I might have bought the wrong part.

    Is there a way to make this work? Is there a cradle or something else I can buy or do or do I have to buy another adapter?

  194. i just bought a 2006 280 slk like 8 months ago, and im just gettin around to playin around with it and tried using the telephone, but when i click the tel on the command center it says phone not installed, and in the manual it reads that if this pops up ” your vehicle is not configured for cellular telephone operation” is this something that is easily fixable? cause when I bought this car they told me I had this function. This may be a dumb question, but How do I go about getting it configured? Do I have to bring it back to the dealer? and is this something they would put in at no costs since my car was suppose to come with it? just curious. I have a 3g phone that has blue tooth capability.. Any info would be great. thanks!

  195. Just bought an E350 and cannot get my HTC phone to download contacts. Mecedes dealer says I need to get the contacts on to a PCMCIA data card then I can copy the data from it to the phone module in the car. Does anyone know if this will work?

  196. The bluetooth phone connection on my new C-Class is extremely loud. I have tried everything I can think of to turn it down. Lowering the volume on the phone, on the audio system and no joy. Anyone have the same problem?

  197. i have a cls 320 cdi with command system 10/2006 can anybody tell me which blootooth can i instal? my mobile is iphone 3GS 16GB!

  198. Amazing, discovered your blog on Bing.Glad I finally tried it out. Not sure if its my Explorer browser,but sometimes when I visit your site, the fonts are really tiny? However, love your site and will be back.Bye

  199. GVoice is an absolute lifesaver. I can’t believe the functionality that it offers, such as the ability to forward calls. I have invites if anyone wants one. Also I hope that Apple rethinks the Google Voice app, hwo could such an killer program get denied by Apple?

  200. I need help!I am using HP 612c phone,but which cann’t connect Bena car’s bluetooth system ! who can help me?

  201. i just bought a 2006 ML350 that does not have the integrated phone pack. At the end of the day I would like to have BT connectivity. Can anyone tell me what I need to buy to retrofit this?

  202. There is a major functionality defect in the bluetooth module for my 2008 E350 with COMAND. The Bluetooth module does not turn off with the car, and stays paired with your phone until you actively break the connection by moving out of range or by disabling bluetooth on the phone. Not a big deal? Oh yes it is, unless you park your car 50 feet away from your house it is, I am at home asleep while my phone remains paired to the car. Furthermore, the bluetooth unit re-pairs with the phone without turning on the car – all you have to do is open the door. So after diligently remembering to break the connection, you later send your wife out to get something from the car and boom – your phone is taken over again without you knowing. MB blew this one, and was clueless about what was needed for bluetooth functionality.

  203. My ipod device 1G is a essential iPod, Pda and a bit more, also has has been day that I acquired it. It still run the recent iPod system software program, and any iphone app I want it to operate. I’m using it to leave this remark right now. Iwould say it is really a much more when compared with just an “excellent hobbyist system” — you’ll find it an superb iPod

  204. I have a 2007 E550 whats the best bluetooth device for my Iphone 3G? I also want to play songs without using the stupid jack in glove box

  205. Mike Construction March 13, 2010 at 6:23 pm

    I have a 2008 MB S550 that i recently purchased and was trying to connect my Blackberry 8320. The manual indicates that you need a cradle but after looking at your material it looks like there is another option (telephone module). Can you please point me in the right direction.

  206. MY MB C 350 Blue tooth loses my Samsung I 730 Phone, once lost it is very difficlut to re pair with MB, The Authorization code fails and even though the Phone shows up on the MB list of available phone, it won’t get past the pass code process. Any fixex that work?

  207. I recently purchased a BT for my 2008 GL 320. It works fine with my Blackberry 8300. However, it will not allow me to upload my address book from the phone to the vehicle. It also does not remember any numbers dialed or calls received. What can I do?

  208. Had to get a new Blackberry phone, but can’t find the instructions on how to pair a phone with my Mercedes Benz Bluetooth module. Are there instructions available to do this?

  209. is there a way to have bluetooth connectivity between my cls 550 and my palm pre?? Please HELP- thanks.

  210. I have a c280 (2006) and would like to install a newly purchased bluetooth cradle adaptor. The manual says install insert the adaptor into the latches on the pre-installed contact plate located in the center console. Where is the center console, is it the same as the “armrest storage compartment” between the two front seats which contains a telephone compartment? Is the contact plate supposed to be installed in the telephone compartment? I can’t find any such contact plate. Does that have to be installed first? Advise would be much appreciated!!

  211. I owned a 2004 e320. In order to pair with my old blackberry, I purchased a bluetooth device through the dealer. Last week, I replaced my blackberry with an iphone. When I tried to pair them together, it asked me to enter a PIN number. I am wondering who know the default PIN for this device.

  212. hey all, so glad to be talking to you right now! I have only this one question, my sister just bought a pre-owned 2003 E320 Mercedes Benz and we were looking at the options available and we noticed the TEL key so i looked it up in the user’s manual and followed the instructions but the problem was that the only the first step worked which is pressing the tel key, lol, so we but nothing happened. we tried so hard to configure the phone which by the way is a nokia E series but still nothing we tried looking for it further in the guide but nothing and finally i looked for it online and again nothing! I hope any of you got an answer for me! So hoe can i know if the option is available or the keys there on the panel or only available when i buy a separate bluetooth kit?
    Thanks in advance

  213. hi all
    i have slk CLASS 2007 and i want to use the bluetooth and my mobile ia Nokia e61 its connect about 5 seconed then its disconnect againe and my car have something in the bluetooth with this name (UHI-SN1027)

  214. I have a 08 E 350 and it seems like there are 2 options in regards to pairing the phone to the car. I see a more expensive option of around $400 where you connect it directly to the car. It also looks like there is a cheaper option where you just pair it with the phone and car without hooking it up… Am I correct in this thinking?? The dealership says there is only 1 device for my car but after looking online it seems like there is 2??

  215. Have a GL 450 with the Bluetooth telephone module. Works great with my iPhone, but not with my Windows Phone 7. Like to see full support for Microsoft Windows Phone 7 devices.

  216. hey martine,

    let me know which windows 7 mobile are you using so that I will try helping you out

  217. I have a MB B-Class Audio 20 2010 model which does not connect properly to my new Samsung Galaxy Ace mobile phone. Althought it does pair car’s loudspeakers ring but when accepting the call I cannot hear the person who is calling although he can listen to me clearly. Can anyone help on this problem? Thank you in advance for your care.

  218. Hi Danny tsek

    I have recently purchased the b class and have the same problem too with my samsung ace.

    Have you managed to connect it via bluetooth since?

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  221. I drive a 2011 B200 Turbo. My old Samsung flip phone A564, which I lost, was working fine with the blue tooth in the car. The replacement phone, Galaxy 3S, works only one way! I can dial out but cannot hear people respond, though they can hear me.
    It seems to me that with today’s technology, all that is required is a patch or download. Nobody has an answer….I was even told by a Bell Asst Manager that MB had not purchased the rights to the Galaxy 3 from Samsung for the B200 ; I say…..BS!!!
    I will definitely not renew my contract with Bell, and am contemplating going to another car as well when my lease expires.

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  226. own a m Benz e200 model 2001 compressor. failed to connect the phone to car audio system. any suggestions

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  242. White painted cabinets can also effectively be used outdoors.
    These might not be as great as doing it all online.

    Picking out the type of the walls, a home improvement is most likely that way for a reason. Luckily, there are
    rising possibilities and finishes to mimic older properties.
    There are many companies cabinets that provide refacing services,
    it is quite an” attachment and play” face lift.

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